The best Instagram tricks you must try!

Do you use the Instagram social network, and are you familiar with its tricks? In the following, we are going to mention the best Instagram tricks.

Instagram should be introduced as one of the best entertaining social networks, which has become an environment for some people to earn money. For others, it is simply a platform for spending free time, but it’s good to know that some practical tips and tricks on Instagram can make working with it more exciting and take you a step further in learning this social network. In the following, we will introduce the best Instagram tricks so that by using them, you can take advantage of this platform in the best possible way.

Pinning a post on Instagram

Pinning a post in the Instagram feed is one of the tricks of Instagram. Usually, the most recently published posts are placed at the top of the Instagram feed, but now with this feature, you can pin three of your Instagram posts, and they will be displayed at the top of your posts list as long as you want.

To pin a post on Instagram, find the post you want and tap on the three-dot icon in the top corner of the post. Now select Pin to your profile to pin your post chosen as the last published post. The post will be marked with a special symbol, thus distinguishing it from other posts.
Archive old posts

If you plan to make your Instagram page a little quieter and, at the same time, you don’t want to lose any old posts, you can use the Instagram archive function. It has been a few years since Instagram stories are automatically archived and can be accessed in the Archive section, But for posts, you have to do it manually.

To do this, go to the post in question and select the three-dot icon to view the options. The mentioned post will be hidden from the Instagram page by choosing Archive, and only you can access it. This way, your old content or ads will not be displayed on your Instagram profile and remain hidden until you unarchive them. To display the posts on the shape as well, go to the Archive section again, and after selecting the three-dot icon, choose Show on Profile.

Convert Story to Reels

Converting a story to reels is one of the new features of Instagram that automatically converts the published report to reels and increases the story’s lifespan. Of course, when you highlight an account, it will be displayed on your Instagram profile as long as you want; But with this feature, you can display the story in Reels format and add a soundtrack.

Go to your Instagram profile and open the desired highlight. Select the Create option and edit the loop as usual by adding music, time, video, or other images from your phone gallery. You can also add text, drawings or titles, and background photos.

View activities

If you’ve recently liked a post and can’t find it, you can see all your likes and comments by visiting the Activities section. In this section, you will see a summary of all your activities, including likes, comments, and recent replies.

To go to the activities section, tap on the hamburger menu in the corner of the user account and then select Your Activity. It should be noted that if you have liked a post using Instagram, you will not be able to see it in this section.

Timing limit for using Instagram

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that many people spend their free time on platforms like Instagram. Still, it does not mean you have no control over your time using Instagram and spend all your time watching Instagram videos.

To view this feature, go to Your Activity as before and select Time Spent. Here you can set reminders or set time limits for your break time. At the appointed time, Instagram will remind you that it’s time to take a break and you should put the phone away.

Hide annoying ads

If you feel uncomfortable seeing specific posts on your Instagram search page, you can hide these ads and tell Instagram not to show posts related to that topic.

To do this, go to the desired post, and after selecting the three-dot icon, tap on the Not Interested option. Instagram will no longer show similar posts on your timeline. Also, you can give Instagram-specific hashtags not to show posts related to them or manage suggested content.

Video recording with hands-free capability

Use the hands-free function to take professional videos and not rely on selfie videos. This feature lets you move away from the phone and record video remotely. Next, we will tell you how to use this feature.

To create a new story, go to Your Story and then tap Camera. Now expand the story sidebar and select hands-free. To start hands-free recording, touch the record button at the bottom of the screen. Let the time expire to stop recording or press the record button again.

Hide online status on Instagram.

One of the features of Instagram is the ability to limit and protect privacy. For example, you can hide your online status on Instagram from other users. It is also possible to hide the viewing mode of the desired contact’s messages.

It is not harmful to know that by limiting the comment, you can prevent it from being published publicly and viewed by users, But you will be able to see the desired word by selecting the See Comment option. Note that you will not receive notifications for subsequent comments from the intended user.

To restrict someone on Instagram, select their profile and tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Now you need to choose the Restrict option and follow the instructions. If you have decided to block a contact, you can always select their profile and tap the three-dot menu.

Clearing search history on Instagram

One feature of Instagram is saving and displaying your search history, which may be a problem for users. You need to tap on your profile and then select the three-line icon related to the program menu, which is located in the upper right corner. Next, you must choose Setting and tap on the Account Center option. Now you can clear the search history of all your accounts by going to Your Information and Permissions and then Search History.

You can select the Clear all searches option from the following page at the bottom. Your search will be kept confidential.

Add popular Instagram filters to the top menu.

You can easily customize your Instagram filters to bring your favorite filters to the top of the list; By doing this, you will no longer need to search among other options to find the filters of interest.

When you send a new post and enter the filter selection stage in the desired process, select the filter and keep it, Then drag it and drop it in the desired location.

Sort items stored in the collections section

When you save content to Instagram, only you can see it. By default, all saved items will enter the All Posts folder. If you have protected certain content and plan to view it again shortly, creating collection folders in the saved files section is better to organize all the desired content. Then you can access them quickly without wasting time scrolling through the pages.

To add collection folders in the saved content section, go to your profile page and tap on the menu with three horizontal lines. Next, you must select the dedicated option. Tap the plus (+) option in the saved content section to create a new collection folder. You can give it a new name. Now you have to add the desired posts that you want to be displayed in the corresponding folder.

Pinning positive comments at the top of posts

You can pin three positive comments about your activity at the top of each post to show your work and activity conditions are acceptable.

To do this, view the comments on your post, then tap on the word you want and drag it to the left so you can tap the pin icon and move the statement to the top of the list. Note that the intended person will also receive a notification about your action by doing this.

Follow inactive Instagram accounts.

Instagram makes it easier to see accounts you may not need to follow. These accounts may be deactivated, or their content may not attract your attention. To see all items in one place, enter the profile and click the following link. On the next page, you will see a list of accounts you have interacted with at least once. This feature allows you to review the minor user accounts you have interacted with in the last 60 days.

Follow inactive Instagram accounts.

Click to view each user account and if you have decided not to follow them, click on the Following option and select the Unfollow option.

Music storage of Instagram content

If you see exciting music or sound in Instagram clips and are attracted to it, it is possible to save it for you. You can quickly look for audio information at the bottom of the page and click on them. This process will guide you through the page information to the music.

Click on the save icon to continue. To access your saved music clips, go to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines menu at the top right of the screen. Then select the dedicated option. All your saved audio files are available in Audio collections and individually.

You can also select the Audio option to use your saved clips as Reels. In the list of saved sounds, tap on the desired post and then create a new loop using the Use Audio option.

Create a shared post on Instagram.

Collaboration or co-authoring is considered a new feature in the world of Instagram, which is provided to increase double interaction in the user account. This feature allows you to share an image or video and invite another user as a collaborator; Thus, the desired post will be displayed on both accounts, and you will receive likes and comments from your followers and your fellow audience.

To create a Collab post on Instagram, go through creating a new rod or Reel and tap on Collaborators in the Tag People step. Finally, publish the post by selecting Share.

This feature can be helpful when you and your friend have taken a photo, and you don’t think it’s an exciting idea to publish it on both profiles; Because it will appear in both user accounts simultaneously.

The trick to see the hidden story

As you know, Instagram offers a set of privacy settings through which you can make your account private, So it is accessible only to close friends. You also have the option to hide your stories from the view of certain people.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no direct way to see other people’s hidden stories, Especially if the other person’s account is private. However, viewing the story through the Facebook page may be possible if the person in question has synchronized their Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you don’t see a story on Instagram but it does on Facebook, it’s probably a story hidden from you.

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