Some Twitter users have been hit with a new bug that has republished many of their deleted tweets.

Some Twitter users have been hit with a new bug that has republished many of their deleted tweets. The issue is not limited to deleted tweets, and some users have reported the experience of retweeting their deleted retweets.

There is still no detailed information about the extent of this bug, but various reports about the new bug have been published online.

This question has been created in some people’s minds, whether republishing deleted content is a new Twitter bug or whether the transition to artificial intelligence or even Elon Musk’s unpredictable behavior has caused such problems.

One of the users says that he deleted all his tweets earlier this year, and now the new bug has caused the deleted tweets to be published again.

New Twitter bug and reposting deleted tweets
Some users say their tweets from the previous year, which they deleted, have been republished. Some of these tweets have been related to political issues, and others to social problems, and even personal tweets can be seen among the tweets that were mistakenly republished after being deleted.

Now the question arises, why did the Twitter bug republish information from three years ago after it was deleted? Even some users have questions about why this social network has such control over users’ data that even after deleting some content, the data is recovered and published again.

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Undoubtedly, the occurrence of such a bug could be more pleasant and can cause concerns among users. A Twitter user says that about 34,000 of his deleted tweets have now been restored due to the new bug. He confirms that he deleted all his tweets last November and now sees that the tweets have been restored.

The user says it’s likely a Twitter server bug, noting that more than 400 other users are experiencing similar issues.

Some users say that Twitter bugs have increased since Elon Musk took office. It remains to be seen where the issue of republishing deleted tweets will end.

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