In December last year, WhatsApp announced support for the iPhone version of picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for video calls.

This feature was initially available for beta version users, But now all iPhone users worldwide who use iOS 12.0 or later versions; have access to this new feature.

Support for picture-in-picture mode for video calls on the iPhone version of WhatsApp is provided in version 23.3.77 of this application.

This feature allows users to use the multitasking feature while making WhatsApp video calls by minimizing this program.

But that’s not all. The new update allows users to add their desired captions when sending documents.

With the iOS version of WhatsApp supporting picture-in-picture mode, users can do other things while making a video call without causing a temporary interruption in the video.

Now users can add captions when sending documents.

Also, more extended group topics and descriptions are now supported to make it easier to describe the group.

Now users can create personalized avatars and use them as stickers or profile pictures. For this purpose, users need to go to Settings > Avatar.

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