Anker Soundcore 3 speaker review; Experience sound clarity

This review will examine the newest Anker speaker from the Soundcore series, a good-sounding and portable speaker with its cube-shaped appearance and delicate dimensions.

Anker Soundcore 3 speaker review

In its Soundcore series, which it has launched in different versions, Anker has used a simple and cube-shaped design, considered a portable Bluetooth speaker in terms of dimensions and weight. The portability of the Soundcore series is more suitable for small groups and multi-person tours. It has provided the Motion series anchor speakers for more extensive group camps.

Packaging and contents of Anker Soundcore3 speaker box

This speaker’s white and blue box has everything you need to know.

Among the main differences between the Soundcore 3 and the Select 2 speaker out of the box, we can mention the titanium drivers with an increased response range of up to 40kHz.

Inside the box is the Soundcore three speaker, a USB-C charging cable, a detachable strap, and an easy-to-use manual for easy use and familiarization with the keys and functions of each.

Appearance and technical specifications of Anker Sandkor 3

The cubic metal body with matte plastic coating and black speaker protective grill has given it a superficial appearance with the atmosphere of old desk clocks.

The intended matte plastic finish looks excellent and high-quality. It feels good when you hold it, But it is highly absorbent of fingerprints, and after just a few moves and touching the buttons, the fingerprints are brilliantly visible on it.

In addition to Anker’s exclusive software, there are several keys for controlling and synchronizing the speaker with intelligent devices, each of which is used as described in the following table:

Due to the particular type of plastic cover and keys, it is difficult to perform two or three multiple presses, and it is difficult to switch between several songs from the playlist.

Anker Soundcore 3 speaker is equipped with two 1.6-inch titanium speakers with an output power of 8 watts RMS (16 watts in total), and with the help of passive radiators, it can produce profound and pleasant bass. The titanium drivers have also increased the response frequency of the speaker up to 40kHz and improved the sound clarity in low and middle frequencies.

According to the manufacturer’s information, Anker Soundcore 3 uses a 6700mAh battery, which is enough for 24 hours of use. To charge this battery, there is a USB-C port on the side of the speaker, and with the help of a standard 5V 2A charger, it takes about 4 hours to charge it fully.

This speaker has IPX7 standards. Although it has not been tested for dust, Soundcore 3 is water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes underwater.

Soundcore 3 uses Bluetooth version 5 and SBC codec to communicate with smartphones. Of course, considering the price of this speaker, the lack of quality and faster AAC or AptX codecs is justified.

Also, with the help of the PartyCast feature in this speaker, you can easily connect a set of Anker speakers up to 100 and create a comprehensive sound system by holding the Bluetooth key.

Soundcor 3 Bluetooth speaker is 17.4 x 6 x 5.7 cm long in width and height and weighs 370 grams.

Testing and measuring the efficiency of the Anker Soundcore 3 speaker

In this section, we will evaluate the capabilities of this software by first installing the Soundcore software and pairing the speaker with the phone.

Soundcore software is available for Android and iOS through Play Store and Apple Store.

After pairing the speaker with the phone and opening the Soundcore software, the speaker will quickly identify and provide the new version of the firmware for the Soundcore 3 speaker, which was quickly downloaded, installed, and restarted.

The amount of battery charge, Play/Pause, increase or decrease the volume, turn off the speaker, and change the equalizer settings can be quickly done through the Soundcore software. You can choose one of the preset profiles according to your taste by going to the Equalizer menu or creating a personal profile from the Custom section.

By default, the equalizer is set to Soundcore Signature, and the BassUp feature is turned on, which produces pleasant and good bass.

The Soundcore 3 speaker also has a built-in microphone, with the help of which you can perform voice commands on your smartphone. Although this microphone can answer calls, its quality could be more exciting and recommended for conversation.

To test the speaker, we tried to push different equalizer profiles along with varying styles of music. Although the sound output quality can differ in hearing for other people, you will get almost the desired result on the Soundcore Signature profile and BassUp enabled.

Note that the BassUp function cannot be activated on the Custom profile of the equalizer.

After several hours of listening to different styles of music and even using a personal equalizer, we concluded that Soundcore 3 had increased sound clarity at all frequencies due to using other and better-quality drivers. This clarity is more in the Mid-Range frequency and quite evident in the High-Range. In general, by dividing the sound quality into three groups, Low, Mid, and High-Range, we can say:

Low-Range: There is no pounding bass due to not having a dedicated subwoofer, But the quality of low frequencies and bass of the speaker is deep and pleasant with the help of BassUp function up to 50% volume. As the volume increases and ranges from 50 to 100%, the bass gets lost and fades in the middle of the high volume of other frequencies.

Mid-Range: Mid-range frequencies are apparent and high quality. Of course, unlike the Select 2, they maintain their clarity even with the maximum volume.

High-Range: Using titanium drivers and increasing the response range to 40kHz has significantly affected the sound clarity of Soundcor 3, and the high frequencies have good quality at different volume levels.

The Anker Soundcore 3 speaker has excellent volume and sound clarity, and with its simple and stylish design can be by your side when you need to listen and enjoy music. Thanks to its precise and high-quality drivers, this speaker offers high-quality and clear sound in its price range. This speaker is one of Anker’s mid-range products that can play for up to 20 hours on a single Soundcore 3 charge.

Also, the Soundcore software for managing Anker’s audio products on Android and iOS is a complete application with diverse and practical features that puts the use and management of Anker’s speakers above similar products.

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