If you have seen the TV shows Hana Dokhtari in the Farm, Alp Children, Heidi, etc., you are familiar with anime. Most of the cartoons we watched when we were young were anime, and they had many fans. Shortened anime is the word animation, a style of animation that originated in Japan and is usually based on manga or light novels. Animes have different characteristics that distinguish them from other spirits. For example, exaggeration and exaggeration of the physical features of humans can be mentioned as common elements of anime. Many people think that anime is for children and not suitable for adults, while many adults worldwide are big fans of anime and watch most of the anime produced. If you are also interested in the anime world, use the application we introduced today. Crunchyroll is an application for watching anime and a complete reference of all kinds of anime produced by the Ellation, Inc. software group. They were developed and published for free. Using this program, you can legally access a wide range of anime and watch them online in high quality. New episodes in this program are finally included one hour after the airing in Japan.

Some features and capabilities of the Crunchyroll program:

  • Classification of anime based on different genres
  • The ability to set the watch queue to sort favorite animations
  • The ability to transfer images to Chromecast and watch anime on a larger screen
  • Play over 25,000 anime episodes
  • Streaming 15,000 hours of new and daily anime
  • Ability to add to favorites
  • Provide notification to know as soon as new parts are placed
  • Ability to watch old popular anime
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Show the most popular and popular anime
  • Show a summary of the story of each episode
  • Providing the highest quality
  • Optimized for tablets and large screens

Required Android version: 7.0 and above
Size: 78 MB

Download link for Android and iOS

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