A study shows that in less than a minute, 51% of common passwords used by many users can be guessed by artificial intelligence.
Generative AI-based systems have numerous advantages, but at the same time, they can be very dangerous. As 9to5Mac writes, a new service called PassGAN can crack passwords in a short time. Using artificial intelligence, this service broke 51% of passwords in less than a minute and 71% in less than a day.

Last month, in a statement, Microsoft pointed out the dangers of artificial intelligence development. It said it would make a new service called Security Copilot available to deal with these dangers. This service helps security researchers to deal with the exploits of modern technologies.

In a new study, Home Security Heroes Institute has highlighted the frightening power of generative artificial intelligence technology. The institute used the PassGAN system to process a list of more than 15 million usernames and passwords from the RockYou dataset, and the result was frightening.

Artificial intelligence managed to identify 51% of all common passwords in less than a minute. 65% of these passwords were cracked in less than an hour, 71% in less than a day, and 81% in less than a month.

Typically, security researchers manually analyze leaked passwords, but PassGAN can automatically learn “the distribution of real passwords in leaked lists of passwords.”

How to choose a strong password?
To keep your accounts safe, use a password of at least 12 characters long, including uppercase and lowercase English letters, numbers, and symbols like hashtags. This password is much more complex to guess than simple passwords.

According to a new study, artificial intelligence cannot crack any 18-character password, including letters and numbers.

To further protect the user account, enable two-step authentication and use different passwords for different accounts. We recommend changing your passwords occasionally, especially those of sensitive accounts. Never use public Wi-Fi, especially if you want to connect to bank accounts.

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