Artificial intelligence functions have reached an incredible level of optimizing their code without human intervention.
The speed of growth and development of artificial intelligence is so high that it is impossible to keep up with it easily. Of course, the progress of artificial intelligence is not only related to big companies like Microsoft and OpenAI because the community of developers and enthusiasts around the world are also trying to use the mentioned technology in their programs and products. AutoGPT is one such tool that is currently hailed as the next big project in the field of artificial intelligence.

AutoGPT is likely to be early signs of achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI), but it’s too early to discuss such a thing. Of course, AutoGPT certainly provides a broad perspective on the next steps in developing productive artificial intelligence. The function of this project is like ChatGPT or the new Bing to do the various tasks you want automatically. Artificial intelligence does almost all the steps of doing things by itself, and this feature makes it very attractive and, of course, scary.
AutoGPT is quickly becoming one of the most exciting repositories on GitHub; anyone can try it out. The mentioned project is far from becoming a final product, but several exciting projects have been developed based on it. If AutoGPT continues to grow at this rate, it will become much more powerful quickly.

An independent development group called Significant Gravitas initially developed AutoGPT. In the following, we review part of the official description of this project:
AutoGPT is an experimental and open-source program that demonstrates the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. This tool works based on GPT-4 and tries to achieve the set goal by connecting large language models. As one of the first examples based on GPT-4, this chatbot runs entirely autonomously and pushes the boundaries of AI capabilities.
Simply put, AutoGPT uses GPT-4 for its standalone functionality. While ChatGPT or Bing chatbot requires text input commands to perform various functions, AutoGPT thinks for itself and creates requests to perform multiple tasks. The tool can also search the web and write information to files, An attractive feature that makes AutoGPT an essential advantage over other GPT-4 based chatbots.
AutoGPT is an open-source program in Python that uses GPT-4 to perform various tasks, such as automating multi-step projects. The chatbot can perform web-based actions without human supervision, and then by assigning itself subtasks, it searches for Internet content and improves its code.
AutoGPT AI uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to generate written content, including blogs and emails. This chatbot can even rewrite and optimize its code, thus performing its debugging process.

The fact that AutoGPT can optimize its code without human intervention is impressive, so some people consider it an early sign of AGI.

AutoGPT is open source, so anyone can use it. The main chatbot client is based on Python programming, which takes a little work to set up. The project’s GitHub repository provides a step-by-step guide to implementing this tool, and of course, you’ll need other things like the OpenAI API.
AutoGPT setup steps may require more work for regular users. Of course, the more straightforward solution is to use a tool called Godmode, which uses AutoGPT and provides access to the chatbot in question with a more user-friendly appearance through a web browser. This tool was initially offered for free, but as the news spread and user interest increased, you now need to register or get the OpenAI API.
Using a custom API makes AutoGPT run much faster. The cost of using this artificial intelligence for everyday projects starts from one dollar, but your expenses may increase as the work becomes more complicated.

Using AutoGPT through Godmode is very simple. Like ChatGPT or Bing’s chatbot, the first step is to tell the AI what you want to do. Subtasks can then be given to AutoGPT to figure out how to continue tasks automatically.

AutoGPT is still being prepared to replace ChatGPT or Bing’s chatbot fully. Although the mentioned tool has much power, its performance can be slow because it automatically repeats various steps. On the other hand, many people don’t want to give a task to artificial intelligence and have no control over it.

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