Creating an online test with Google Forms; How to make a questionnaire in Google Forms.

Have you ever wanted to create a survey form for your students? Yes, it can be tedious; But Google Forms provides users with features that can do it quickly.

Google also has other services, including Google Meet, Google Maps, and Google Lens, But today’s focus is on another option. In this article, we intend to teach you to step-by step-how to create an online survey form and test it with Google Forms;

Creating an online survey form

Let’s learn how to create a survey form first. It is straightforward, and you can do it in just a few easy steps.

Before starting the training, we must point out that Google Forms is available on computers and smartphones. You can enter it by opening a new tab in Google and finding Google Form from the Google Apps section. Also, there is an app for smartphones. You can even type Google Forms in the Google search bar and enter its page.

To create a survey form with Google form, follow the following steps:

  • First, log in to Google Forms.
  •  To get started, click “Blank” to open a new form. Also, you can choose from various templates (pre-designed layouts). Multiple templates are available for personal, business, business, or educational use.
  •  Tap “Untitled Form” and change it to the name or subject of your questionnaire.
  •  Click on the color palette icon in the upper right corner to provide customization options, such as choosing the color of the desired form, uploading the header, and choosing the background color and font style.
  •  Tap “Untitled Question” and start typing your questions. There are also buttons at the bottom of each section that can help you delete and copy questions. Also, if you enable Required, people must answer that specific question.
  •  Next to the question writing box is an icon to add a photo. If needed, you can add an image to your question through it.
  •  Click “Multiple Choice” to open a drop-down menu with more options. Among them, we can mention short descriptive answers, long descriptive answers (Paragraph), multiple choice (Multiple Choice), and checkboxes (Checkboxes). Choose whichever is most helpful for collecting data through your survey.
  •  Any of the mentioned options can change the answer part. In some alternatives, such as multiple choice, you must also write the answers so that people can choose from among them; But in the descriptive response model, there is no need to do this.
  •  On the right side of the screen, there is a toolbar that briefly explains the use of each of its icons. Each icon is used to add a question, enter questions from another form to the current page, write a title, add an image, add a video, and create a new section in the survey form.
  •  After preparing the form, you can click on the eye icon at the top of the page to preview the created survey. In this way, you can correct the things that must be changed.
  •  Google Forms automatically saves your form; you don’t need to keep it manually. After completing the work, click the “Send” button in the form’s upper right corner.
  •  In the opened menu, you can send the form via email and copy the link and even the HTML code.
  •  In addition, to display the answers, click on the “Responses” option, which is located between “Questions” and “Settings.”

You could easily create your survey form and send it to your target audience.

Creating an online test with Google Form

To create an online test with Google Forms, you must repeat the same path as we went in the previous step, with the difference that you must apply changes in the settings section. For this reason, in this part of the training, we no longer focus on creating questions, and we go to the amount that can turn a simple questionnaire into a test.

To create an online test with Google Forms, after taking help from the previous section to make questions, follow these steps:

  • In the upper tab, three options, “Questions,” “Responses,” and “Settings,” can be seen. Click on “Settings.”
  •  By activating “Make this a quiz,” your questionnaire will quickly become an exam. By activating this section, several options will be displayed to you, each of which will be explained below.
  •  There are two options in “RELEASE MARKS,” which are related to the display of exam results. By clicking “Immediately after each submission,” the answer will be announced to the examiner quickly; But the other option displays the score only after checking and confirming the corrector.
  •  By enabling Missed questions, respondents can see which questions they answered incorrectly. “Correct answers” also show the correct answers to the person after announcing the result. If “Point values” is enabled, users can see the score for each question.
  •  The “Default question point value” option allows you to specify the default score for each question.

You can easily personalize the online test and make it available to respondents.

Many teachers and students come to Google Forms to create different forms; Because it is one of the best in this field. In addition, it is also straightforward to use, and anyone with a bit of practice can create efficient questionnaires with the help of this service.

In this article, we taught you all the tips needed to create a survey form and an online test so that you can entirely familiarize yourself with Google Forms and work with it well. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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