Eight laptop care tips

In addition to their great importance, laptops, like babies, are susceptible to electronic devices that need proper care.

When people buy a new laptop, they give their system proper care and attention. But as soon as a few months pass, people start neglecting their laptops. But did you know that even the slightest mistake can cause severe damage to your system?

Laptop care

Therefore, if you want your computer to have a long life, it is necessary to take proper care of your system. But how can you do this?

You should take care of one thing and many things while using a laptop. You may now be thinking, what are those things then? In the following, we will explain all the precautions to take while using the computer.

Make sure to leave your laptop plugged in all the time.

The most carelessness we show in laptops is related to their battery. You may have plugged in your laptop hundreds of times. Everyone does; even I used to do the same. But did you know that keeping your laptop plugged in all day shortens your laptop’s battery life?

The lithium-ion battery in almost all laptops indeed works like this. In simpler terms, a lithium-ion battery is charged to each cell to maintain a certain voltage level.

As soon as the battery percentage increases, the voltage level increases. With this increase in overall voltage in each cell, the stress on the battery increases and eventually slowly kills it. Therefore, leaving the laptop plugged in even after 100% charge is a slow poison to your laptop battery.

Therefore, it is always recommended to charge your laptop only until it is 80% charged and then let it drain to at least 40% before charging it again.

Additionally, avoid overheating your system, as overheating can also damage batteries. Of course, batteries tend to self-destruct. But heat acts as a catalyst in this process. Extreme heat can significantly reduce battery life. So, to avoid overheating, try to keep your system fan clean.

Turn off your laptop once in a while

Most people make this mistake. People usually don’t prefer to turn on their laptops, so they keep it on for a long time. But there are better ways to preserve the longevity of your computer in the long run.

Hibernation is essential for the smooth functioning of your system. It not only improves the overall energy consumption of your laptop but also helps it to be efficient and optimal. Therefore, it is better to turn off your laptop every day. If this is impossible, try to turn it off at least once a week.

After restarting Windows or any other operating system, you will notice that your programs run faster and work more efficiently. Shutting down the laptop clears its RAM, and restarting it loads everything from scratch, providing smooth performance.

Prevent the laptop from overheating.

As mentioned above, keeping your system cool is suitable for the overall life of your laptop battery. But its advantage is not only limited to the battery. Instead, all other laptop components are affected by your laptop overheating. So, try to make sure that your laptop does not overheat.

If you notice excessive heat, try turning it off for a few minutes. Also, keep the air vents open, clean the fan regularly, and maintain the temperature of your room where you use the laptop continuously, regardless of the weather.

Update the laptop

We usually avoid notifications for laptop updates, sometimes due to data usage issues or time constraints. But did you know that keeping the laptop up to date is always necessary? Every software update has new features, various patches, and bug fixes.

Therefore, it increases the security, better and smooth performance of that software and your laptop. This will eventually smooth out the overall performance of your computer as well. To avoid internal problems, make sure always to keep your system bug free and up-to-date.

Prevent accidents

You may have heard that prevention is better than cure. The same is true for laptops. Protecting your laptop hardware is just as important as ensuring the security of its internal software.

You may have noticed that even the most minor problem with your laptop’s hardware affects its overall processing. Therefore, it takes time to keep your computer safe. To keep your computer healthy while working on it, you can use the following measures:

  • Always keep food and drinks away from your computer.
  •   Keep the computer away from children.
  •   Always use the laptop in safe conditions, i.e., away from water and extreme temperatures.
  •   Handle it carefully to move it.

With all these preventive measures, you can ensure your laptop hardware is entirely healthy.

Free up space on your hard drives.

It would help if you kept your laptop full of data only some of the time because it will eventually slow down the overall processing speed of your computer. Additionally, with so many files stored on your computer, it becomes time-consuming for your processor to search for a file in the vast catalogs of available data.

So, make sure all your hard drives are always clean. Then, you can delete the extra files from your laptop. Otherwise, you can make a backup copy of all your data on some physical peripheral and then delete that data from your PC. It’s the safest way to save data, clean up your computer, and do it all offline and more securely.

Clean your laptop regularly.

Keeping your laptop physically clean is another concern. Dust can affect not only the hardware but also the internal parts, such as the memory board of your computer. Therefore, it is essential to keep your system clean. But while cleaning, there are a few factors that you should always remember.

The screen is the most fragile part of your laptop and should be gently wiped by hand, or you may scratch the edges of your laptop. Clean your computer; you can use a toothbrush to clean the crevices.

When cleaning the fan, clean it carefully. Otherwise, you might break it. So, these are the little things you should remember while cleaning your laptop. Also, cleaning it regularly as cleaning is another essential factor in keeping your computer working like a new laptop.

Having a suitable carrying bag

The only advantage that a laptop offers over a PC is portability. Although you can’t take your PC anywhere, you don’t have to think twice before bringing your laptop. But you can only keep your computer in your hands sometimes.

A laptop is very fragile, so use it with care, and secondly, you will only need it someday long. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable carrying case when you have a laptop with you. Selecting a carrying point with the proper protection for your computer is always recommended.

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