Fujifilm’s latest instant camera has experienced a few generational changes, but it has a variety of colors and is equipped with a new system for turning it on and off.

Fujifilm’s latest camera, called Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 and placed in the instant photo printing camera category, has experienced few changes compared to the previous model. Still, it has a lovely design and will be released in about two weeks for $79.95.

Instax Mini 12 and Instax Mini 11 cameras are practically the same except for minor differences in design and new features in the 2023 model. The most significant change in the appearance of the Instax Mini 12 is in the lens structure. You can rotate the lens to enter the close-up mode in the new model. In the previous model, you had to press a button for this.

  Turning the lens also allows you to turn the camera on and off. Depending on the Instax Mini 11 camera was dependent on pressing the side button. Also, to turn off the device, you had to disconnect and reconnect the lens to the camera.

Fujifilm has changed the camera’s flash, but unfortunately, the moment cannot be turned off even in the new model. Fujifilm says the new camera’s automatic flash system optimizes image quality in bright and low-light environments.

Unlike the previous model, the body of the Instax Mini 12 is rectangular rather than square; However, the edges of the camera are still curved. The camera’s width is slightly smaller than the Instax Mini 11 model, so it is easier to hold it during photography. Fujifilm has removed the black model and is offering the Instax Mini 12 in a green color instead.

In addition to the Instax Mini 12 camera, Fujifilm has also introduced a new mobile application called INSTAX UP, which will be released soon. Thanks to this application, users can scan and save their images. INSTAX UP is compatible with all Instax Mini series cameras.

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