Galaxy A14 review

Galaxy A14 is better than the previous generation in all aspects, but it is also cheaper.

Galaxy A14 is one of the few Samsung budget phones in recent years that can be recommended. Unlike the previous generation, the Galaxy A13, this phone has improved in all areas.

The new budget and mid-range Samsung phone generation have just entered the market. Galaxy A14 and Galaxy A24 have much to say in their price range. This article will review Samsung’s cheapest new and usable phone, the Galaxy A14. It is a good option for general use with its beautiful design, relatively powerful hardware, high-quality display, and good primary camera.

  • Samsung Galaxy A14 specifications list
  •  Polycarbonate body
  •  6.6-inch PLS LCD screen with full HD resolution
  •  MediaTek Helio G80 chip
  •  4 or 6 GB of RAM
  •  64 or 128 GB internal memory
  •  50-megapixelmain megapixel camera
  •  13 megapixel selfie camera
  •  Equipped with a physical fingerprint sensor
  •  Weight 201 grams

Design and build quality

Samsung has used a common design language in all its phones this year, which can be both a source of happiness and sadness. If we leave the Galaxy S23 Ultra aside, the other phones of this company, from the Galaxy A14 to the Galaxy S23 Plus, are very similar in appearance. Therefore, we can be happy that we get a beautiful and minimal design product by choosing any of these phones. In any case, the Galaxy A14 will satisfy you in terms of design.

The build quality of the Galaxy A14 is entirely satisfactory, and its plastic body is likely to withstand impact damage. The weight of 201 grams and the thickness of 9.1 mm do not place this phone in the category of delicate and comfortable products on the market, but using it for a long time will be easy. The lack of resistance to water and dust is also quite normal in this price category.


One of the good features of Galaxy A14 is its 6.6-inch full HD display. This display uses a PLS LCD panel, but it has excellent quality and can satisfy you in terms of color richness, contrast, and viewing angle. The screen’s maximum brightness of this phone is also suitable for indoor use, but to watch the content outdoors, you must look for shade.

The Galaxy A14 display has a standard 60 Hz refresh rate, which is not a problem. In this price category, it is better to avoid looking for a 90 Hz screen because the hardware used in budget phones cannot run a smooth user interface with a frame rate higher than 60. Your experience will not differ from a 60- or 90 Hz screen. Therefore, a 60 Hz display will be a better option due to less energy consumption.

Software and user interface

Galaxy A14 offers the best Android 13 and One UI 5.1 user interface. This software combination runs smoothly and flawlessly and does not face any problems in running programs during general use. The experience of using this phone was much better than what we expected. Of course, Samsung has released a lighter version of its user interface, One UI Core, on this phone, designed for budget phones with less powerful hardware.

Long-term software support is the most crucial advantage of Samsung’s budget and mid-range phones over competitors. Although Galaxy A14 is not updated for four years, unlike many Samsung phones, you can be sure you will receive principal and security updates for at least two years.

Hardware and performance

Galaxy A14 has an economical but relatively powerful MediaTek Helio G80 chip, efficiently meeting general use. For me, the experience of using the Galaxy A14 was one of the best in the world of budget phones. It is clear that using this phone requires patience, and everything does not run instantly, but you will never run into significant problems, and you can run all the applications on this phone.

This phone efficiently runs all simple games like Alto Odyssey and Alto Adventure, Sonic Dash, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, and similar. However, I didn’t expect to be able to run Call of Duty Mobile on it as well. My experience showed you could run the Call of Duty Mobile game on the Galaxy A14 with medium graphics settings and no lag. Playing this game, you will not face problems such as frame drops or phone overheating.

Galaxy A14 has no night mode but can capture acceptable images in dark environments. These images have little detail, but the colors are captured well, and you can share these photos on social networks.

The selfie camera of this phone also performs well, but you can count on it only in ideal light conditions. The Galaxy A14’s selfies could have better details, and the face could be more flat.

As we said, this phone’s ultra-wide and macro cameras are not of good quality, and you cannot take good photos with them in any situation. The recording condition of the Galaxy A14’s primary camera could be better, and even by holding the phone still, you cannot get high-quality video.

Battery and charging

Galaxy A14 has a 5000 mAh battery, which is considered a standard capacity, and according to our experience, you can expect between 1.5 and 2 days of charging from it. The charging of this phone is no different from the previous generation. Fully charging this phone with the 15-watt charger inside the box also takes between 2.5 and 3 hours, which is expected in this price category, but in terms of charging speed, there are better products in the market.

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