Samsung appeared powerful in Galaxy Unpacked 2023; The Koreans have finally become an opponent for Apple in the chip battle.

For the first time in three years, Samsung held the Galaxy Unpacked event in front of an audience at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco; The event lasted for 59 minutes, and the long-awaited Galaxy S23 family was introduced along with the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, Galaxy Book 3 Pro and 3 Pro 360.

If you ask Samsung’s opinion, the flagship of this event is the Galaxy S23 Ultra, The Korean flagship phone, which this year with a 200-megapixel main camera and double the basic storage memory but with the same price tag of $1,200 as the previous generation, has entered a serious competition with the iPhone and has a high chance of winning.

Samsung is so proud of the S23 Ultra and especially the power of photography and videography of this phone that TM Rowe, the director of Samsung’s mobile division, told the crowd that all the videos broadcast at the event were taken with the S23 Ultra; The Koreans even used the style of Apple’s flashy advertisements to advertise the power of this phone’s camera in filmmaking, using Ridley Scott, the famous director of successful films such as Gladiator and Blade Runner, as well as Na Hong-jin, a Korean director. The best smartphone video recording performance has been held by the iPhone for years, and now it remains to be seen whether the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s improvements can finally beat the iPhone in this field.

But if you ask me, the best thing that happened to the Galaxy series was saying goodbye (albeit temporarily) to the Exynos chip and launching all three phone models with an enhanced version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

In the last few years, the biggest weakness of Galaxy phones was the use of a chip that faced a severe performance drop in heavy processing and a scorching body. Still, this time, the 4 nm chip made by TSMC, which uses the identical 16 billion A16 Bionic transistors used in the iPhone 14 Pro, is equipped with a potent Adreno 740 graphics processor that has overtaken Apple’s competitor in early benchmarks. The chip used in the S23 family is considered the most powerful system-on-chip in the Android world; It should be taken as a good omen that Samsung finally accepted the failure of Exynos.

TM’s opinion is respected, But since the release of the iPhone 14, the media has covered at least five stories of people whose lives were saved by the iPhone’s satellite connectivity. Remember the three-minute “Dear Apple” video from Apple’s fall event, in which users of the Apple ecosystem sent thank-you letters to the company because an iPhone or Apple Watch saved their lives? I bet we’ll see a similar video at the iPhone 15 launch event where users are thanking Apple for the Emergency SOS feature.

It is strange that Samsung has decided not to compete with Apple in this field, Especially since I don’t think a video of users talking about the 200MP ultra camera or how the S23 charges more than the S22 would be as influential as a video of people Apple saved from death.

However, Samsung came out strong in this year’s Galaxy Unpacked; In addition to the Galaxy S23 series, it also unveiled its most powerful Windows laptop, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which, with the benefit of 13th generation Intel processors and RTX 40 series graphics, directly targets Apple’s 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro professional laptops. Samsung phones will once again receive software updates one year longer than Google’s Pixels, making it a more reasonable option for people who want to use their phone for up to four years without having to worry about buying a new phone.

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