Today, Google unveiled a feature for Android that can archive old apps and free up device space without deleting apps.

Although users install many apps on their devices, most only use a few; However, fewer users delete unused apps. Now Google is adding a feature to the Android operating system that can automatically archive new applications and free up device storage space.

Google announced today that it would bring automatic archiving to Android. The purpose of this feature is to free up the internal space of the device without the need to delete other programs. By doing this, the operating system frees up to 60% of the space occupied by the applications but does not obliterate the applications. As a result, the user can still see the icons of the apps and access their data on these apps if needed.

How to use the automatic archiving of programs in Android?
Users must enable the relevant settings to use this feature. In its guide, Google says that if the user tries to install a new application on the device without enough space, a pop-up window will open, asking him to enable the automatic archiving feature.

If the user agrees to this request, the operating system will work to provide the necessary space to install the new application. This feature only applies to archiving apps that you rarely use.

If you want to go back to these apps in the future, you can download them again and use them as before, with the data still available on the device. Of course, it is natural to download the apps again; the developer should not have deleted them from the Google Play Store.

Google says developers who want to add auto-archiving functionality to their apps should take help from App Bundle. The company claims that with apps supporting this feature, the user will probably never have to think about deleting their old apps again.

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