How to make money from a food blog?

If you look at Instagram, you will see that along with entertainment pages, dynamic pages in the field of cooking and drinking are also viral. Of course, food education is also prevalent on Google, and people active in food blogs earn a lot of money from their sites.

With this in mind, in this article, I would like to explain the path from 0 to 100 to make money from food blogging and guide you every step of the way.

Make money from a food blog.

In the following, I will explain how to start an Internet business in food education and then introduce you to its income paths.

1_ No choice!

In highly competitive fields, choosing and entering a specialized department is better. What does it mean? Instead of trying to enter the world of cooking education and thus attract the audience, it is better to choose a specific corner of this field, for example, traditional food education, Italian food education, cold drink education, etc. This way, you will become a brand more easily and grow faster. So, first of all, choose a field according to your interests, conditions and of course the knowledge you have.

2- Selection of media

Choosing suitable media is one of the most important steps to monetize your food blog. I will introduce the media that can help you in this direction in the following.


First of all, the website! Experience over the past few years has shown that being reported, rival’s hostility, etc., are among the reasons that can cause an account that you have worked hard for months on social networks to disappear in one night. But the website, because it is your media, will support your efforts.

In addition, you should be careful that many audiences are interested in food search on Google to reach the training they want. For example, search for a pizza dough recipe! You will likely lose a large audience if you don’t have a website.


After the website, your brand must have an Instagram page. If you publish valuable and good content, you can quickly get a large audience in this media.


YouTube has a precious advantage; In addition to branding, you can earn dollars from it! What does it mean? YouTube gives a monthly income to channels that have more than 1,000 viewers. This income will increase as your channel’s video views and audience of your channel increase.


Twitter is only suitable for some culinary experts because it restricts publishing content. But if you can adapt to Twitter and publish your content with humor, you can open an account on this social network.

3- Planning for content

By now, you have set up the media I mentioned above. From now on, you should think about the content. But what content?

Site content in the field of cooking

You see, to be seen in Google, we need SEO. In short, SEO is the activities we do on the site to be seen in the search results of users. Writing educational articles is the most critical activity required in this process.

But before you start writing articles, you should learn about keyword research. In this process, with the help of tools like keyword tools, we try to find famous words for the audience and create content on them.

Of course, after a while, when we had many articles with popular keywords, we gradually go-to words that may only be searched a little in Google. We publish these articles for those audiences who come to our site due to familiarity with our brand and are looking for exciting and new content.

Instagram content in the field of cooking

We no longer need anything like keyword research to publish content on Instagram. Instead, we must find popular topics and create content according to competitors and users. But before we start:

  • In Instagram, it is better to make your content shorter.
  •  It would help to use different video effects to make the content attractive.
  •  Create attractive covers for videos,
  •  Publish at least one piece of content every two days.
  •  Have at least five exciting stories on Instagram every day.
  •  Make your videos in a way that attracts the audience in the first 10 seconds.

YouTube content in the field of cooking

Well, to publish content on YouTube, you need to pay attention to some critical points:

  • Long range is acceptable if you have made valuable points in it.
  •  Be sure to pay close attention to the cover of the videos.
  •  Research YouTube channel optimization for more visibility and learn its techniques.
  •  Post at least 1 video every 2-3 days to start growing fast.

4_ Plan to increase followers on Instagram

Considering that suitable activity on Instagram can increase your, I suggest you pay more attention to Instagram and be active on the site and other media simultaneously.

Optimize your bio

First of all, you need to optimize your Instagram bio. for this job:

  • Upload a nice profile picture in it,
  •  In the bio section, briefly tell the audience what they will get if they follow you.
  •  Preferably, categorize different contents and highlight them.

Have an advertising plan.

“Advertising on Instagram” is among the best choices to increase followers. Therefore, after you have more than 30 posts and have made your highlights, you should gradually start advertising with a small budget.


Be sure to put several hashtags under each post before publishing it on Instagram. The correct number is between 11 and 15. In the meantime, try different hashtags to find out which hashtags have the best results for you after a while.

Remember the marketing comment.

Comment marketing is one of the best ways to increase followers. In this technique, you leave comments under the posts of related pages or at least pages whose audience may be interested in your field of activity. Of course, these comments should not be directly advertising. For example, you can explain an educational point so that the word is seen and the audience reaches your page.

5- Get to know the income models

Before the article ends, I must introduce you to the income models you can have from cooking brands and blogs.

Publication of advertisement report

An “ad report” is a text article published on your site in which another business advertises its brand or product. Of course, publishing these articles aims to improve the SEO of the desired location.

Publish an ad on the site.

As you have probably seen on cooking training and news sites today, you can advertise the products of other internet businesses and charge them by placing small and large images and banners on the site.

Publish an ad on Instagram.

Instagram also helps you a lot in terms of making money from a food blog. From publishing promotional stories to publishing posts for a brand. You must have at least 7.6 thousand followers to earn money from Instagram.

Selling related products

Many brands in the cooking education field have created another brand and sold cooking products alongside it. For example, a beverage education page launches a brand and sells products needed for bartending professionals.


If you can attract a large fan audience, many brands active in your business field, such as fast-food equipment stores, will sponsor your content and charge you huge fees.


Well, we have reached the end of the article. In this article, I have explained all the steps you need to take to earn money from a food blog. Finally, if you have any questions or comments, I await you in the comments section.

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