McAfee security researchers say that if you have these applications on your device, it is better to update or remove them immediately.

A new Android malware is known as Goldoson has entered the Google Play Store through 60 legitimate apps with 100 million downloads. This malware has infected a third-party library that many applications use and may have affected many users.

A malware known as Goldoson collects a list of device apps, names of other devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and GPS location. The malware can also trick you into clicking ads in the background.

McAfee has informed Google and the developers of these applications. As a result, many of these programs have removed their respective libraries, and the rest have been removed from Google Play.

Malware detection in 60 apps published on Google Play
Below you can see the list of apps infected with this malware. This list mentions how many downloads each app has and whether it has been updated to remove the infected part (Updated) or removed from the Google app store altogether (Removed).

  • L.POINT with L.PAY 10M+ Updated
  • Swipe Brick Breaker 10M+ Removed
  • Money Manager Expense & Budget 10M+ Updated
  • TMAP 10M+ Updated
  • Lotte Cinema 10M+ Updated*
  • Genie Music 10M+ Updated*
  • Cultural and version 2 5M+ Updated*
  • GOM Player 5M+ Updated*
  • Megabox 5M+ Removed**
  • LIVE Score Real-Time score 5M+ Updated*
  • Pikicast 5M+ Removed**
  • Compass 9: Smart Compass 1M+ Removed**
  • GOM Audio – Music, Sync lyrics 1M+ Updated*
  • TV – All About Video 1M+ Updated*
  • Guninday 1M+ Updated*
  • Item mania1M+ Removed**
  • LOTTE WORLD Magicpass 1M+ Updated*
  • Bounce Brick Breaker 1M+ Removed**
  • InfiniteSlice Infinite Slice 1M+ Removed**
  • Norae bang 1M+ Updated*
  • SomNote – Beautiful note app 1M+ Removed**
  • Korea Subway Info: Metroid 1M+ Updated*
  • GoodTVBible 1M+ Removed**
  • Happy Mobile Happy Screen1M+ Updated*
  • UBhind: Mobile Tracker Manager 1M+ Removed**
  • Mafu Driving Free 1M+ Removed**
  • Girl singer WorldCup 500K+ Updated*
  • FSP Mobile 500K+ Removed**
  • Audio Recorder 100K+ Removed**
  • Camera 100K+ Removed**
  • Cultural and 100K+ Updated*
  • Simple Air 100K+ Removed**
  • Lotte World Seoul Sky 100K+ Updated*
  • Snake Ball Lover 100K+ Removed**
  • Play Geto 100K+ Removed**
  • Memory Memo 100K+ Removed**
  • PB Stream 100K+ Removed**
  • Money Manager (Remove Ads) 100K+ Updated*
  • Insulation – Cute Emoticons 100K+ Removed**
  • iCloud 100K+ Updated*
  • SCinema 50K+ Updated*
  • Ticket Office 50K+ Updated*
  • Lotte World Aquarium 50K+ Updated*
  • Lotte World Water Park 50K+ Updated*
  • T map for KT, LGU+ 50K+ Removed**
  • Random number 50K+ Updated*
  • AOG Loader 10K+ Removed**
  • GOM Audio Plus – Music, Sync l 10K+ Updated*
  • Swipe Brick Breaker 2 10K+ Removed**
  • Safe Home10K+ Removed**
  • Chuncheon 10K+ Removed**
  • Fantaholic 5K+ Removed**
  • Cinecube 5K+ Updated*
  • TNT 5K+ Removed**
  • Bestcare Health 1K+ Removed**
  • Infinity Solitaire 1K+ Removed**
  • New Safe 1K+ Removed**
  • Cashnote 1K+ Removed**
  • TDI News 1K+ Removed**
  • Eyesting 500+ Removed**
  • TingSearch 50+ Removed**
  • Krieshachu Fantastic 50+ Removed**
  • Yeonhagoogokka 10+ Removed**

Remember that if you have one of these applications on your device and an update has yet to be released, you must delete the application from Google Play. As a result, you have to delete them yourself. Of course, if the developer of your application has released an update, you can maintain your security by installing this update.

In general, it is recommended that to minimize security risks, always before downloading an app from unknown developers on Google Play, first read its comments section to see what experience other users have had with the respective app. Also, you can always watch for signs such as high battery consumption, high internet usage, and device overheating.

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