By doing some simple tricks, you can increase the views of your Instagram rails.

What is the secret of going viral on Instagram? Publish attractive photos or creative reelers? There are different methods for this, But today, we will teach you how to build a traffic-heavy channel.

When TikTok became famous, Instagram noticed the popularity of short vertical videos; For this reason, now, in this social network, there is a section called Rails, where you can make exciting clips using trending music.

Why should we use Reels?

First of all, it is necessary to examine why the publication of rails on Instagram is considered an important issue. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, short videos are more popular than other content formats, especially if they are 15 to 30 seconds. Using them, you can grow your account quickly; you must produce original and attractive films.

Also, the new algorithm of Instagram is such that it exposes the pages that publish Rails to more visibility; Therefore, producing this type of content and publishing them will be very useful for the growth of your page.

Important tips to increase Reels traffic

Rails have been on Instagram for a few years; Therefore, the competition has increased, and you must work harder to see your content. However, this should make you continue trying. In the following, we will tell you some tricks that can help increase Reels traffic.

Focus on a specific niche or topic.

One of the ways to increase followers and become viral on Instagram is to find a specific topic or category and continuously publish posts in that area. This method is beneficial when you are just starting.

The Instagram algorithm uses machine learning; Therefore, it shows your posts to an audience already interested in the topic you are posting about.

This will make more people watch your videos every day. In the first step, find your desired category, and then, according to the following points, create and publish its videos continuously.

Get the audience’s attention with the right hook.

You should be able to introduce something at the beginning of your reel that grabs the viewer’s attention like a fake. Thousands of rails are published daily, and it takes work to go viral among them. Your content must convince the user that it is worth their time.

To make your video unique, you need to create it with your creativity. Also, remember that the first few seconds of the video are significant. Back when YouTube and long videos were popular, you had more time to engage your audience; But now you only have a few seconds. As a result, make a suitable hook for your video; Because it can change its fate.

Make the reels the correct size.

The optimal size of Reels is 1080 x 1920 pixels, which allows viewers to view the video at its maximum resolution and aspect ratio of 9:16. This means your video should be recorded vertically.

Publishing a square video surrounded by black is not visually appealing to the audience. Once you have a screen, try to use it everywhere to get the best result.

Remove the Tik Tok watermark.

When Reels was introduced as a new feature of Instagram, it had an apparent goal: to encourage users to use this social network instead of Tik Tok. Now imagine sharing a video with a Tik Tok watermark on it.

The Instagram algorithm can detect the TikTok watermark. You need to remove those watermarks to increase the chances of your videos going viral. There are various applications for this. Also, you can edit your video in a separate program so that the Tik Tok watermark is not added.

Remember to add text.

More than 80% of Instagram users are estimated to watch videos without sound, Stories, or Reels. Therefore, adding subtitles or text to help viewers understand the content without sound is very interesting. Also, subtitles allow people with hearing problems to enjoy your videos.

Place the text in the middle of the page.

Since reels can be viewed from the Reels and Feed sections, paying attention to its text placement is essential because it may need to be evident in Grid mode. The middle of the page is a safe area where you can put your text and be sure it will all be read. You can find other suitable places by trial and error.

Add a call to action.

Always add a call to action in your video to encourage the audience to interact with your videos. To do this, you don’t need to learn a comprehensive Instagram tutorial; you only need to pay attention to the points we will mention in the following.

For example, you can ask your audience to like your video and send it to a friend interested in the topic or tell them to share their opinion. Also, remember that it is better to ask the audience to do only a few things in the call to action section.

Use viral elements

You can use trending elements like songs or challenges to give your content a chance to go viral. If a piece of music becomes a trend, check its usage or people’s reaction to a new challenge. Try to integrate the directions with the content of your page and create special rails simultaneously associated with the day’s events.

Use hashtags

First of all, when publishing Reels, you are given the option of choosing three different categories. These categories are essential. Additionally, there are hashtags that you are probably familiar with.

A hashtag can be considered one of the crucial elements of any post; Because it helps Instagram understand your content type and then show it to interested users. You increase your visibility with hashtags. Hashtags should be chosen very carefully. The most popular is only sometimes the best; Because they have more competition.

Make a suitable cover for Reels.

Just as YouTube cover art is essential, Reels videos also need an image to feature on their front page.

Making a cover for Reels can help your video to be seen better. This is the image that users will see before they click on reels. The body adds value to the content, makes it very attractive, and improves the overall look of your profile.

Pay attention to the release time.

After you’ve created your reels and chosen a cover for them, it’s time to publish. It would help if you remembered that not all hours and days are suitable for publishing. Some times are better; Because more users are active on Instagram.

Find the best hours and days of video release by trial and error; the target audience’s behavior differs in different categories. Then schedule your posts accordingly. Thus, you will have a higher engagement rate.

Publish your reels to stories and feeds.

To get your reel seen, share it on your Instagram feed and story. This will make more people aware of its publication. You can do this easily by clicking the “Always share to feed” button.

The main idea behind this strategy is that your followers get all of your posts. Also, this makes Rails more likely to go to Explore.

Pay attention to interaction with the audience.

After publishing your post on Instagram or any other social network, one of the most essential tasks is interacting with the audience. Remember to consider this point. Talk to them in the comments and even ask something if you can. Make them go back to Rails to answer you. The better the comments (not just emojis, for example), the better the engagement rate, which leads to more views.

keep going

All the mentioned points are essential in their place, But you need continuity to increase your page statistics properly. Try to have a publishing plan that will help you keep up. If you release rails in a planned manner, the chances of one of them going viral increase. In general, continuity is one of the essential points in content production.


The tips mentioned in this article will help increase your Reels traffic, But there is no magic. You have to produce valuable content so that many people worldwide are interested.

Try always to produce unique and high-quality videos and apply the mentioned tricks. Finally, remember that for many, going viral only happens after some time, and we don’t see people’s previous efforts, So be patient.

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