Instagram officially unveiled its channels on this social network. These channels allow users to send text and video posts with a function similar to Telegram.

  Mark Zuckerberg announced the addition of this feature through one of these channels. Of course, viewing the channels is currently possible only through mobile phones. Instagram channels are similar to Telegram and allow their owners to publish text and image posts. Members of these channels can only participate in polls and react to posts through emojis.

Now Meta has its first Instagram channel, and with the name Meta Channel, it plans to publish news and updates on all products and technologies in this channel. Zuckerberg also said that from now on, new information would be posted on this channel first. This action is done to attract users to use the media.

According to Zuckerberg, these channels will help users in various fields with the ability to ask and answer questions. This feature will be available to Instagram and Facebook Messenger users first.

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