Introducing Zigapp application; Free access to ChatGPT on Android.

Users can access the popular ChatGPT chatbot for free using the Zigapp app.

The Zigapp application is developed to provide ChatGPT-related facilities for free and fast Android-based devices. Those interested can use this app to access the features of the chatbot without registering in OpenAI. The following article will introduce its capabilities and check its possibilities.

What features does the Zigapp program have?

The application’s creators on their product introduction page have introduced it as a voice assistant and chatbot based on artificial intelligence, which can support the Persian language and convert voice to text. After receiving and installing the app, you must register for it. Unfortunately, when registering in the Zigapp program, the only option is to register via mobile number, and users cannot use email to create an account at the beginning. If, in the future, the possibility of registering via email or using as a guest user is added to the application, it can provide a better experience for users.

After creating an account and logging in, the user can define a custom name for himself. Also, it is possible to enter email; However, it still cannot be used to register or log into an account. Avatar selection is another noticeable thing in this section, and a limited number of images can be selected in four categories, such as actors or animals. There is no news of choosing a photo from the device’s memory, and users are limited to the ones inside the app.

The main page of the Zigapp program includes two tabs, “Chat with Zigapp” and “Categories.” As it is clear, in the first tab, you can enter desired commands and questions to receive answers from artificial intelligence. If you don’t feel like typing, you can say the selected command by touching the microphone icon in the bottom corner of the screen so that it will be converted into text.

In the category section, a set of ready-made commands and questions are provided to users, which they can use directly or get their desired results by slightly changing the texts. Topics considered within this section include music, health, marketing, cooking, content creation, business, teacher and teaching, and programming and web development. Various items will be displayed by selecting each category, and touching them will cause them to be typed directly on the conversation page with artificial intelligence.

After choosing ready-made commands, you can change them to achieve the desired result.

The critical point is that the artificial intelligence used in Zigapp does not include the ChatGPT 4 model and is probably version 3 or 3.5 of this language processing model; As a result, it does not have access to the Internet and online information and cannot provide new data to the user. As you can see in the development of the technology newsletter command, news items older than a year ago that were present in the database used for AI training are displayed.

However, the lack of internet access does not make the Zigapp app useless, and it can still provide valuable information and functionality due to its offline database.

The lack of access to the new version of the ChatGPT language processing model has caused the chatbot of the Zigapp program to have limitations, such as not sending images.

In another case, tools based on artificial intelligence are constantly involved, and the Zigapp program is no exception to this rule.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ZiGap application?

Zigapp is one of the easiest ways to access the ChatGPT chatbot without using a virtual number or paying a fee. However, it should be noted that the freeness of this tool also has limitations; For example, users can only ask artificial intelligence ten questions or commands every day and night, and then every 1 hour, they will be able to send two more orders or questions (a total of 58 messages in 24 hours).

The rules and regulations section of the Zigapp program defines it as confidential information. It is claimed that the sent messages (either text or audio) are used for artificial intelligence processing to respond to and improve this engine. There is no misuse in a direction other than for scientific purposes. , will not take place. The developers claim they protect users’ privacy and private data as much as possible; however, what such data includes must be clarified. It is worth noting that the application only needs access to the microphone for correct and complete operation.

Although it is mentioned in the rules section that the Zigapp program is not responsible for the answers provided by the ChatGPT artificial intelligence, it seems better to include a warning at the beginning of the program about this issue and the possibility that the answers displayed may be incorrect.

Users can now use version 4 of the GPT language processing model in Microsoft Bing, which is entirely free, Although it will come with limitations on the number of questions and commands. However, its advantages, such as online data access and an Internet connection, can bring many more applications than the previous version used in the Zigapp application. Also, its response speed to questions is much faster than Zigapp, providing a smoother experience.

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