A well-known leak says that Apple will not make any significant changes in the new version of iOS due to focusing on the development of the new xrOS operating system.

Backing up his earlier claims, Mark Garman, a veteran Bloomberg whistleblower, says Apple engineers are entirely focused on a new operating system called xrOS, which is being developed for the mixed reality headset. For this reason, we will not see a further significant feature in macOS, iOS, and watchOS operating systems this year.

  Garmin has mentioned small changes in the new version of the iPhone and Mac operating systems. This well-known analyst has made correct predictions many times and discusses Apple’s exceptional attention to the mixed reality headset. This headset is the latest Apple product in recent years.

The $3,000 price tag makes the reception of the first-generation headset not so great, But Apple will likely make a product that appeals to mainstream consumers in a few years.

Previous rumors say that the design of iOS 17 will be mainly similar to iOS 16. iOS 17 sees changes to be compatible with Apple’s mixed reality headset.

Garmin previously said that Apple originally intended to release iOS 17 with significant changes, But the focus on xrOS has changed Apple’s plans.

According to unconfirmed rumors, the most significant change in iOS 17 is the launch of various app stores. Apple has a closed ecosystem and does not allow any other store to operate except the App Store. Still, the situation will change this year due to the European Union’s criticisms.

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