Lenovo has introduced a special product for those who need a high-speed, high-capacity USB drive. This product is called Xiaoxin Solid-State U Disk, which is a high-speed USB flash drive with the appearance of a skateboard.

Lenovo’s Xiaoxin Solid-State U Disk is a small flash drive that looks like a small USB SSD from its name. This high-speed USB flash drive has a capacity of 128 GB.

One of the most interesting features of this high-speed USB drive is its skateboard-like design, which doubles as a drive protector or case with a rotating mechanism. This fast USB drive has both USB-A and Type-C connectors. This product uses an aluminum frame.

While normal flash drives have a read and write speed of 20-30 MB/s, which inexpensive products finally reach 150 MB, the read speed of Lenovo’s Xiaoxin solid-state U external drive reaches 400 MB/s. This product has an exFAT file system, which enables compatibility with Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS.

It doesn’t seem like it’s really an external SSD, and Lenovo seems to have used a high-speed controller and memory chips in this SB flash drive.

The price of Lenovo’s Xiaoxin Solid-state U Disk high-speed flash drive is $24. Currently, the sale of this product has started in the Chinese market.

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