In its recent conference, Microsoft shared images that probably show the Windows 12 user interface.

In its recent conference called Ignite, Microsoft shared an image of the user interface without the name of Windows. Thus, it is said that the technology giant from Redmond accidentally showed a preview of the Windows 12 user interface. These photos depict a version of the company’s flagship operating system that users were unaware of.

  The leaked image of the new Windows 12 user interface shows the improvements applied to the Thames platform. Rumors suggest that the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system will be introduced in 2024.

New leaked images of the next version of Windows show a new user interface with the taskbar floating at the bottom of the screen. The system icons are also located in the upper right corner, and the floating search box is visible in the top center of the screen. In addition, weather information is displayed in the upper left corner of the image.

Of course, the Windows Central website has rearranged the leaked images attributed to Windows 12, so these images may not provide an accurate view of the operating system. According to recent reports, the code name for this version of Windows is NextValley.

Microsoft tries to make the Windows user interface as user-friendly as possible. This company is trying to optimize the appearance of its operating system so that it can be easily used both with touch controls and through physical inputs such as a mouse and keyboard. Of course, finding the right balance in this sector will be challenging.

It still needs to be determined why such images were shown at the Microsoft conference. It is also possible that the leaked images are unrelated to Windows 12, but they provide an idea about the future of this operating system.

After Windows 8, designed to focus more on touch functions, Microsoft released Windows 10 to improve performance with the mouse and keyboard. Now we’ll have to wait and see what direction the Redmond-based tech giant’s desktop operating system takes in the future.

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