Microsoft says its Defender security tool will soon be automatically installed on Windows PCs.

Windows PCs come with a built-in antivirus called Windows Security by default, but Microsoft offers another standalone tool called Defender for Microsoft 365 service subscribers. This tool will likely be installed automatically on Windows computers soon.

The Redmond-based tech giant has detailed Defener’s features in an email to Microsoft 365 subscribers. This company also mentioned an interesting point at the end of its note:

The Defender program will soon be automatically installed on computers equipped with Windows 10 and Windows 11 during Microsoft 365 applications.

– Microsoft

Some Twitter users have been surprised to see the automatic installer of Microsoft Defender on their PCs. Interestingly, one of Microsoft’s support documents mentions this change and notes that the tool will soon be installed on your PC like a regular Microsoft 365 suite.

  The Defender will be available in Microsoft Installer 365 from late February 2023. This means that when you install applications from the Microsoft 365 suite on your Windows device, Defender will be automatically installed along with other applications.

If you have an active Microsoft 365 subscription and have already installed programs from this suite, Defender Tool will be automatically installed on your system with the next update.

To use Defender, search for its name in the Start menu and log in with your Microsoft account.

The important thing is that according to Windows Security, you won’t need Defender on a PC, but this tool can help improve your computer’s security level. In addition, this program can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store.

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