OpenAI plans to hire many AI developers to replace entry-level programmers, and that job is in jeopardy.

In its recent report, Semafor has claimed that the creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI, is taking extensive measures to hire many contractors that will be used to train the artificial intelligence coding model better. This operation could eventually make entry-level coding jobs extinct.

According to Futurism, OpenAI has hired nearly 1,000 contractors in the past six months, most of whom live in Latin America and Eastern Europe. According to multiple reports, the company uses 60 percent of its employees to label data, and the other 40 percent are programmers tasked with building software engineering datasets to train OpenAI models.

According to Semafor, part of the description of OpenAI’s required jobs list reads:

We are determined to use high-level artificial intelligence technology to make the world better and more efficient, so we’re looking for a Python developer. – OpenAI

During its interview process, OpenAI is said to require applicants to complete unpaid five-hour coding exams. These tests include identifying fundamental coding problems, providing solutions, and explaining the point of view step by step in written English. Codex is one of the OpenAI products that can convert simple English text into efficient computer code using artificial intelligence.

One of the OpenAI job applicants says:

They likely intend to augment the Codex with specific training data, Where a person presents a step-by-step plan of his thinking process.

Codex is primarily trained with code published on the GitHub platform. The method that helps this model as a helper program provides features such as autocomplete and code and spell checker. GitHub is now owned by Microsoft and offers a tool called Copilot, which is based on Codex and can be considered a Grammarly app for programmers.

However, OpenAI plans to strengthen Codex AI by hiring new contractors.

Knowing what a line of code does is one thing, and having a solid understanding of why and how to write a program is another. OpenAI intends to eliminate this gap in news silence by outsourcing the thought processes of human engineers.

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