The expected Galaxy Tab S9 is likely to be IP67 certified. Previously, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 was the company’s only tablet with an IP certificate.

So far, Samsung’s flagship tablets have lacked water and dust resistance (IP67), But this may change this year. Samsung’s upcoming flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, will be IP67 certified.

This has been a long-standing demand from the Korean giant’s high-end tablet customers, and it’s sure to be exciting. The mentioned feature is also a big step in the evolution of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Tab series.

Samsung had previously released some “Active” water-resistant tablets, But this feature was unavailable in the company’s high-end tablets. It was strange that even in 2022, when Samsung tablets could be water resistant, the Galaxy Tab S8 series did not have this feature.

This is not a lack of ability. If something as complex as a foldable smartphone can be made water-resistant, the same can be done for tablets. In any case, Samsung has seriously considered IP67 water resistance for the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

Whether this will happen or not is still in the air. As it turns out, signs point to the Galaxy Tab S9 series being water-resistant this year; But it is not unusual to change the basic programs of the device. For example, Samsung planned to put a dedicated slot for the S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 this year; But now he seems to have changed his mind.

Even without the IP67 certification, the Galaxy Tab S9 series will be able to compete with the best Android tablets of 2023. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Tab S9 series after the second half of this year. Therefore, we are still a few months away from making this matter official.

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