The best applications to lock phone software

Taking care of the information on the phone is one of the most challenging topics we face today. On the other hand, there are many solutions to protect the security and essential information of smartphone users; one of the best is to use the application to lock the application.

App lock apps have become one of the most critical security apps for Android and iOS smartphones today. This software works to protect your programs from prying eyes and lock them. These apps require entering your set password to access essential phone apps such as gallery and camera. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter. Some of these programs, in addition to the password, also use your fingerprint to enter the applications to increase the security of your system.

One thing to note is that these programs are applications themselves. Although you can remove them from your software list so that they are not seen, these programs are eventually quickly deleted. After all, having an app lock software is better than not having it.

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is one of the best app lock apps available on Google Play. In addition to having all the features of an app lock app, this app provides other exciting features. You can lock your photos and videos directly using this app.

This app lock app also suggests which apps to lock on your operating system. If someone enters your phone password incorrectly more than three times, a photo will be taken of the person so that you will be informed. Other features of this application include adding security layers in case the phone is lost or stolen, a straightforward user interface, and its small size.

Smart AppLock

Like other app lock apps, the best app lock app can lock your apps, images, videos, phone settings, and contacts. The Smart AppLock program is hidden in the appearance of the lock screen so that other users do not suspect it.

It also allows Samsung phone users to automatically activate after resetting the phone, app crash warnings, and support for opening apps using fingerprints. Of course, these features of the app lock software come with many ads. Also, if this app lock app can be recognized, it will be straightforward to delete it.

SpSoft AppLock

SpSoft AppLock is one of the best apps for locking phone apps, and you can hide your private photos and videos or put some of them in a folder and then close the desired folder.

This app lock app supports fingerprints in addition to passwords and patterns. Also, the selfie camera records the image of people who enter the wrong password more than three times. Currently, SpSoft AppLock supports 30 different languages. This program will protect locked apps even against changes such as screen closing or changing the physical state of the phone.

You can also make your template 18 x 18 to make it harder for hackers to open it. This app will keep your screen app lock on while using certain apps.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is an excellent launcher for the Android operating system, and it also supports the app locking feature. The features of this launcher are handy, and the most important of them are:

  • The customization of different sections.
  • Support for new icon packs.
  • Various effects.

This launcher has made it possible to hide the phone’s or tablet’s status bar.

Apex Launcher has many security features, including the ability to hide apps from the list of apps and lock apps using a password for added security. Of course, it should be remembered that using launchers to close applications on the phone is more secure than the application lock application.

Therefore, if you are looking to protect your data, installing launchers equipped with app lock software is recommended. The ability to create nine home screens simultaneously, sort applications according to date, title, and most used, and choose the preview style of different folders and backgrounds are other features of this app lock application.

AppLock by IvyMobile

AppLock by IvyMobile is an app lock app for Android operating system. This app can lock almost any app on your phone. The ability to lock photos and videos directly is also available to the users of this application.

This app lock app is equipped with invisible patterns and a random keyboard so that users can’t find the password if they look at the unlocking process. One of the exciting features of this application is the Fake Cover feature, which you can use to create a fake icon so that users cannot recognize the application lock application.

Also, if someone enters the pattern or password, you have defined for them by mistake, AppLock by IvyMobile will take a picture of them using the phone’s selfie camera. Finally, downloading and using this application is entirely free.

The best iPhone app lock

To lock apps in iOS, you need to act through the phone itself, and after going to the settings section, select the Screen Time option. In the next step, by choosing the Use Screen Time Passcode option, make sure that Screen Time is enabled and a password is set for it.

Now click on App Limits and then click on Add Limit option. Now you must choose the application category you want from the list. For example, you need to check the Creativity category to lock the Photos app.

Now select your desired application and click on the Next option. In the Time slider, choose when the desired software is locked automatically after being inactive. You can set this timer to 10 minutes so that it will be closed automatically after not using this application for 10 minutes.

Finally, click the Add button and turn on the Block at the end of the Limit option.

Keep in mind that there are many apps to lock apps on iOS. However, most of them only work on jailbroken devices and may contain malware and viruses.

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