Using the sites introduced in this article, you can simulate the voice of any person and use it.

The high speed of artificial intelligence development over the past years seems scary. Companies are making various tools with the mentioned technology, so more people are becoming aware of this phenomenon daily.

Now you can use artificial intelligence image generation tools to create attractive images or take help from it to design a website.

One of these examples of artificial intelligence applications is voice imitation technology. With the help of such a tool, any voice can be simulated and used for things like reading a script or a story.

AI voice imitation can change everything in dubbing and similar fields because you no longer need to spend money on hiring voice actors. For example, with the help of voice emulation tools, you can voice the animated characters you just created. Sounds interesting.

Play. ht

Play. Ht is one of the most famous and best sites that allow you to try the AI voice imitation feature. Whether you are a content creator, business owner, or podcaster, you can have a great experience with this tool.

The tool provided in Play. Ht can detect the speaker’s accent, speaking style, and all the nuances and apply them in the final file. The best part is that this tool does not require a studio-quality prototype to emulate the sound.

In addition, you can do your work utterly free on Play. Ht and buy its plans if needed.

Play. ht site

The main page of the Resemble site displays different colored icons

Get started for free with Resemble, a great tool that simulates the human voice from audio samples. Its engine is built in such a way that it can detect all the punctuation marks in your voice, so you don’t have to worry about the final file because it will be precisely what you want.

To work with Resemble, use the recording section of the website to send samples or send the file directly to it. The longer the audio piece, the better the results will be produced.

They resemble site can be used for games, chatting, streaming, and other purposes. The said site allows you to simulate your voice and that of others, and it does so accurately.

Instead of text-to-speech, the tool uses speech-to-speech, so everything you say is instantly simulated with whatever voice you choose. The setup is a simple 5-step process that only takes a few minutes.

You can try the plan for free before buying it. site

Using Listnr, you can simulate your desired sound with the help of artificial intelligence and use it in any project. These projects include YouTube videos, audiobooks, podcasts, e-learning materials, and social media content.

The AI voice imitation process takes only a few seconds, and you can finally share the results on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Listnr is free to convert up to 1000 words per month. After that, you can upgrade to Premium to remove restrictions and access more features.

Site Listnr

With Speechify, you can access more than 30 artificial intelligence-generated voices in more than 15 languages. All of them are also great for voiceover content. Of course, the ability of this tool is focused on text reading.

The items on this service all provide the full pronunciation of words, including female, male, accents, and languages. It is also easy to use and offers good features. It can also scan photos and convert their text into speech thanks to advanced OCR and machine learning.


An image of an animated woman and a description of the Voicemod website feature

It becomes much more efficient when AI can do something at the moment; This is precisely the feature that Voicemod has. This tool can hear and imitate your voice instantly.

Voicemod also has pre-made sounds that you can use. There are various options, like pilots, astronauts, and other human characters.

This tool will be more beneficial for those who enjoy streaming, whether to talk to the audience or to play, Because, with its help, you can change your voice in a moment and captivate the audience.


Create unique realistic sounds with Overdub. It’s an AI technology that can provide you with pre-sampled sounds or mimic the sound you upload.

Because Overdub takes privacy seriously, you can only sample your voice. As a result, if you want to simulate your voice with artificial intelligence to put it on your videos without having to read them yourself, this tool will help you.

You can use Overdub for free if you are okay with limited vocabulary. In the paid version, more features are available to the user.

Overdub site

An excellent service for filmmakers, game developers, and content creators is Respeecher, which can accurately simulate sampled audio. Its features provide a sound with the best quality and feel. You can also use it to change the voice of an adult to a child.

One of the reasons Respeecher is so good is that it combines classic digital signal processing algorithms with proprietary deep modeling techniques to achieve the best possible sound.

Respeecher site

Veritone Voice, one of the excellent voice emulation tools, may not be the fastest on today’s list, but it does the job correctly and accurately.

The tool uses both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech modes to give you more flexibility in options. Once the voice model is built, you can convert as much text as possible.

Veritone Voice site

As the last option in the list, we went to ReadSpeaker, which can convert any text you give to an audio file. The site’s artificial intelligence can simulate sound so that it is indistinguishable from actual samples. So you can trust it to mimic your or someone else’s voice.

ReadSpeaker uses deep neural networks to train voice models with human voice samples. Regardless of whether you want to use the results for commercial or personal purposes, this tool is suitable for all use cases.

With the help of this tool, you can add emotion to the final sound. You can even make the generated voice speak in different languages.

ReadSpeaker site

Now that you are familiar with 10 of the best artificial intelligence tools that can be used for voice imitation let’s dig a little deeper and understand how this technology works.

In the simplest terms, AI Voice Cloning is a deep fake technique that can analyze and replicate the human voice. All it needs is a short voice sample from the target person, and the AI will learn it instantly.

You can tweak many settings to achieve the exact tone you’re looking for.

What are the uses of voice imitation artificial intelligence technology?

There are certainly many uses for a unique technology like this. Everyone can have their reasons for using audio simulation technology. With such a phenomenon, it is as if you have a group of voice actors in your home system.

There are many uses for AI voice simulator tools. Still, the most common is to use technology for voiceover videos when you need more money to hire professional voice actors.

Another case could be when you need high-quality recording equipment but want your voice to play over the content. It is even possible to simulate the voices of people who have passed away.

Advantages of voice imitation artificial intelligence tools

As long as this tool is used ethically and responsibly, it will be helpful to people. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • We will no longer need to record multiple times for the exact text
  •  It saves costs
  •  Changing the sound to have the tone we want is possible.
  •  It can help you create engaging marketing content for your product/service
  •  It is also very affordable for your business or personal projects

This article introduced you to sites skilled in imitating human voices. But one issue should be remembered, which is a responsibility when using such tools.

Such technology is like a knife that can be used to peel fruit and harm another person. These tools have come to help us, and we should not abuse them.

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