The best laptop control programs with a smartphone

Connecting a smartphone to a personal computer can be used as a keyboard, mouse, and remote control with a few simple steps.

A keyboard and mouse are only sometimes the best communication methods with a personal computer. At some point, you expect specific uses from your computer and may use your system for things other than routine processing tasks.

For example, some people use a personal computer as a media center and may have connected a mini-computer to their old TV as a smart device. In such cases, you can have an exciting experience with your laptop by using your smartphone as a keyboard, mouse, and remote control.

Control different laptops with the phone.

To control the laptop with the phone, you must combine two applications, one installed on the smartphone and the other on the personal computer. You have a combination called Unified Remote. The application on the phone connects to the server application you have installed on the laptop. This connection allows you to send keyboard and mouse commands of any remote control to the computer.

Among the available applications, Unified Remote provides a complete experience for controlling a laptop with a phone. In the accessible version of this application, you can experience many features related to your personal computer.

Installing Unified Remote on the laptop

As mentioned, the laptop control system with the phone requires two applications. First, you need to install the Unified Remote server on the laptop.

  • Depending on your operating system, Windows, Mac, or Linux, download the server application from the official Unified Remote website.
  •   The server installation steps are similar to installing other applications. Do them install the software on your system.
  •   This way, your laptop is ready to connect to your smartphone.

Note: In Windows, the input driver is also installed with the application, allowing Unified Remote to control the laptop.

After installing and launching the application on the laptop, you don’t need any unique settings. However, if you decide to create a configuration in the application, after launching it, right-click on the icon from the notifications section of the operating system and select Manager (installation steps on Mac and Linux are not much different from Windows).

The free version of the Unified Remote application allows you to use your smartphone as a mouse and KeyboardKeyboardKeyboard. Also, you can perform some necessary controls to navigate the media content with this application. The mentioned application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. You can control laptops equipped with Windows, Mac, and Linux using it. As a result, all current smart devices and conventional operating systems are supported in this application. The mentioned application can connect to the computer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Installing the Unified Remote application on one or more smartphones

You need to install the control application on your smartphone to control the laptop with a smartphone. This program can be used on Android devices and iPhones. The installation steps are explained below.

  • First, depending on the operating system, Android or iOS, download and install the application.
  •   After launching, you will face a message in which you must select the option I have installed the server.
  •    The application then scans the network to find a computer equipped with a server. As a result, the laptop and smartphone must be connected to a shared Wi-Fi network.
  •   After the server is found, a list of available remote controls will be displayed to you, from which you must choose the one you want.

It is possible to control the laptop with the phone quickly.

  • The Basic Input option in the mobile application allows you to use the mobile screen as a mouse trackpad to control the laptop with the phone. This application is efficient for computers used as media centers in homes and offices. Using a smartphone to control the pointer on these computers will be easier than using a mouse.
  •   Among the other features that the trackpad provides on the smartphone, we can mention typical applications such as one touch to select or scroll with the help of two fingers, which are common in laptop trackpads.
  •    In the same Basic Input window, you can call the smartphone keyboard by selecting the keyboard option at the bottom and left side of the screen. Then by typing on the KeyboardKeyboardKeyboard, the text is written in the chosen field on the personal computer.
  •   Other remote control capabilities in the smartphone also work well. For example, the File Manager remote part allows you to manage computer files through a smartphone or tablet.
  •   Another remote called KeyboardKeyboardKeyboard provides a complete keyboard to the user. This Remote is handy for buttons like Windows, but not on the smartphone keyboard.
  •   One of the functional remotes of this application is called Media, which is very useful for controlling the playback of media content on a personal computer. Using the screen of this remote, you can do things like increase and decrease the volume and, move the time, stop and start the playback. The Power remote control also allows you to perform functions such as turning off and on, reloading, sleeping mode, and hibernating in a personal computer.
  •   The free version of Unified Remote allows you to add a few more remotes to the list of remotes using the Plus icon in the application. For example, a Start remote enables you to run applications from the operating system’s start menu. Task Manager remote is used to manage running processes, and VLC Remote also allows controlling media content in the VLC application.

Other programs to control the laptop with the phone

Now that we have entirely taught how to download, install and use Unified Remote on a laptop and smartphone, we will introduce you to other programs that do the same. With the help of the following programs, controlling the computer with the phone will be possible.

If you cannot use Unified Remote, you don’t need to buy a new laptop; Because you can use the following applications to control your device.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

If you regularly use the Chrome browser on your system, Google Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the best options for controlling your laptop with your phone.

Add the Google Chrome Remote Desktop extension to the Chrome browser and install the corresponding application on your Android or iOS phone.

You may think this method is only helpful for accessing the information of the Chrome browser, but we must tell you that you can access all the news on your laptop with Google Chrome Remote Desktop.

Long-time Windows users are familiar with Microsoft’s remote access solution. You can connect to your Windows laptop through your Android or iOS mobile using Microsoft Remote Desktop. You can also use this program to access a Windows virtual desktop through a secure channel, which may be helpful for professionals.

Remote Mouse

Another way to control a laptop with a phone is to use the Remote Mouse application.

Unlike other cases introduced in this article, Remote Mouse can only be used as a mouse and KeyboardKeyboardKeyboard of the device. It is impossible to control the laptop with the phone. Because you need to be able to see your monitor using this app, and it also only works on local Wi-Fi networks.

However, if you intend to use a simple and functional program, especially when you are only looking for a keyboard and mouse, Remote Mouse will help you. You can download the mentioned app for free for Android and iOS. However, access to additional features like media control requires an in-app purchase.

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