YouTube is a platform for sharing videos on different topics at different levels. In this article, we introduce 10 of the best scientific YouTube channels.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for audiences and content producers, and its popularity is gradually increasing. By creating a YouTube channel, people can share their videos with others and even earn money from YouTube by meeting certain conditions.

From the best English learning YouTube channels to entertaining videos, this video-centric platform has millions of views while providing quality content. One subject that is always attractive to most people is scientific subjects.

Scientific concepts are all mixed with research and experience, and this factor makes it more attractive. However, understanding scientific topics and theories using video will not only be more accessible but also more beautiful. Therefore, scientific videos can improve the learning of scientific issues and increase general information.

In this article, we will get to know the best YouTube science channels led by experts who share their experience and knowledge for free with the public so that everyone can benefit from these videos.

From learning about the workings of the immune system to delving into the depths of quantum physics and special relativity, YouTube science channels are a treasure trove of all kinds of scientific theories freely available to the public.

The best scientific YouTube channels

The list of 10 examples of the best scientific YouTube channels has been prepared according to the feedback of users and the number of their audience. This set of scientific tracks is all in English. You can save the desired videos with the help of the best online sites for downloading videos from YouTube and watching them whenever you have time.

10- LAB 360 YouTube channel

This channel was launched in 2013 and focused on stars. This channel covers the latest news of NASA’s discoveries. It also offers videos to explain black holes, planets, galaxies, and more. The videos are in English.

9- AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel

In 2012, Mitchell Moffitt and Gregory Broan decided to start a channel to teach science with entertainment, which led to the birth of the AsapScience YouTube channel. This channel asks questions such as “Why do we get tired?” They answer and provide a solution to postpone or solve it sometimes.

The interactive content of AsapScience channel videos engages the audience to have the best effect. The number of followers of this channel is now more than 10 million people.

8- Sick Science YouTube channel

Do you remember experimental science experiments in school? One of the reasons for the attractiveness of practical science for us was to perform various experiments. Learning home experiments on the Sick Science channel allows one to understand new scientific topics. This channel focuses on learning through experimentation.

The Sick Science channel was launched by Steve Spangler in 2007. Spangler is an author, experiential science teacher, and Emmy Award-winning television host of USA TV’s DIY Sci. Currently, his YouTube channel has 590 thousand subscribers.

7- Be Smart YouTube channel

With an audience of 4.7 million people, the Be Smart YouTube channel takes seventh place among the best science channels on YouTube. This channel was launched in 2012 by Dr. Joe Henson, and Dr. Henson also performs the videos alone.

In the scientific channel Be Smart, you can find answers to many questions that may cross our minds daily. For example, most people think about how the ice huts of the Eskimos (igloo) warm a person. There is a detailed video on this channel that can provide a scientific answer to this question.

6- Vsauce YouTube channel

With 18 million subscribers, the Vsauce channel has shown that it has successfully attracted the audience. The videos of this channel, performed by Michael Steven, look for answers to various questions that may be on everyone’s mind at some point. Michael Steven launched this channel in 2010.

On the Vsauce YouTube channel, in each video, the presenter considers a unique scientific concept and explores its ins and outs, and presents his answers layer by layer. Learning science topics with the Vsauce Science YouTube channel can be fun and informative.

5- YouTube channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

YouTube channel Kurzgesagt, whose name can be translated as “summary,” was started in 2013 in German by several illustrators and animators to become a leading channel in the education discussion.

Therefore, the videos of this channel, by presenting them in the form of animation, create a special and unique feeling for the audience and can attract different ages to learn scientific topics. Currently, this YouTube channel continues to work with 20 million users.

4- Minute Physics YouTube channel

Suppose you have ever felt that physics is boring. In that case, you may realize your misconception by watching Minute Physics YouTube channel videos, and you can find an opportunity to discover the joy of physics. This channel was launched in 2011 by Henry Rich and now has 5.5 million followers.

With the help of this scientific YouTube channel, you can learn physics quickly and with fun. One of the strengths of this YouTube channel is the teaching of complex physics topics in short 5-minute videos that make the teaching process more accessible with the help of images and handwritten formats.

3- Veritasium YouTube channel

This science YouTube channel is a dedicated science channel that produces videos based solely on information from people involved in an incident. The element of truth was started in 2010 by Derek Mueller.

As the name of this channel suggests, it aims to explore scientific facts or scientific objects based on truth, and understanding goes a long way to uncover them. In addition, with the help of 3D animation, it tries to simplify more complex concepts so that more people can understand them.

2- Crash Course YouTube channel

With 14 million subscribers, the Crash Course YouTube channel is the place for people who want to pass the exams easily. This channel was launched in 2006 by Hank and John Green, two brothers, and provides videos on world history, biology, chemistry, and philosophy.

The strength of these two brothers in the videos presented on their scientific YouTube channel is the use of a two-dimensional animation style for teaching, which has proven effective and increased interaction.

1- Big Think YouTube channel

This scientific YouTube channel provides information about artificial intelligence, space-time relativity, human culture, and psychology. The important thing is that all topics are presented by people who are experts in that field and have sufficient mastery of their subjects.

Victoria Broan and Peter Hopkins launched the Big Think YouTube channel, one of the top science channels on YouTube. This YouTube channel currently has about 6 million subscribers.

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