Soon Copilot artificial intelligence assistant and Sidebar app access for developers will be added to the Edge browser.
Microsoft came to the Build 2023 event with a full hand and presented a bright future for its products by adding various artificial intelligence features to its services.

In the meantime, the Edge browser was not spared from the massive wave of different features, and with the introduction of Copilot artificial intelligence assistant features and the Sidebar app for it, Chrome, Google’s popular browser, has become an outdated and outdated browser!

The Microsoft 365 Copilot service allows the company’s 365 software to integrate with ChatGPT, and the users of Teams, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint programs can benefit from this service. This attractive feature will now be available to Edge browser users.

Microsoft 365 Copilot service was made available to some people as a private preview earlier in March, and now, as the latest move of the company, it has been added to the Edge browser.

Unlike what we have seen in the integration of ChatGPT with the Bing search engine, this time, Microsoft tries to provide more efficient software by adding Microsoft 365 Copilot to its services to increase user productivity.

Microsoft will require users to log in through an Azure Active Directory or Azure AD account to maintain security and privacy.

In addition to Microsoft 365 Copilot, the Edge browser will also provide the use of the Sidebar app for developers. Using this feature, developers can make their web applications (PWA) available to users through the sidebar of the Edge browser. Microsoft introduced Edge Sidebar in November 2022, a platform for better multitasking in each tab.

Microsoft also announced that it would soon introduce an enterprise version of the Edge browser, which organizations can use to benefit from various features such as logging in through Azure Active Directory.

According to Redmonds, the Edge Workspaces feature will also be released publicly soon; Edge Workspaces allow users to share their set of tabs in the Edge browser with other colleagues. This feature allows everyone in the group to manage, create, delete, and edit tabs.

The Edge Workspaces feature was previously only available to enterprise users, but after many requests, it was also made available to regular users.

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