Choosing a smartwatch and an intelligent wristband has become a problem for people due to their standard features. In this article, we will help you make the best decision.

Just a few decades ago, wearable gadgets were the stuff of science fiction; But today, you can buy different types of these products, the most popular of which are smart watches and smart wristbands.

However, due to the standard features of these gadgets, they need to be more apparent to many people. If you are planning to buy the best smartwatches and wristbands in the market and need clarification on a smartwatch and a smart wristband, this article can help reduce your confusion and make an informed decision.

The difference between a wristband and a smartwatch

Smartwatches and wristbands can be worn around our wrists like a traditional wristwatch. A smartwatch is an added part of your smartphone that lets you check notifications like text messages, emails, and social media, among other health-oriented features like sleep tracking, step counting, and more. Also, the smartwatch allows you to answer and reject phone calls.

In contrast, the intelligent wristband is not part of your phone; Rather, it’s a complementary wearable that feeds data back to your phone. In other words, it is more fitness oriented; For this reason, they are also called fitness trackers. The intelligent wristband tracks your vital health signs such as heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen, pedometer, sleep, etc.

Apart from the difference between wristbands and smartwatches in terms of function, both are also different in design style. Smartwatches have a bigger screen and more resolution, While smart wristbands use a lower resolution and a smaller and narrower screen.

On the other hand, smartwatches have a complex operating system, While smart wristbands use a relatively light and straightforward operating system; Because, compared to smartwatches, they don’t have powerful hardware. These were the differences between a wristband and a smartwatch. In the following, we point out their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of smartwatch

There are many features unique to smartwatches that make them unique and wearable.

Many and varied features

Smartwatches have features that help you use them for different purposes. It can do everything from displaying notifications to answering calls and replying to texts and emails. These features become a part of your phone so you can use it as a standalone device.

Bigger screen

Smartwatches generally have bigger and better screens with better resolution, and these great features are critical and make it easier to operate.

Almost all smartwatches on the market have an app store that helps you install third-party apps.

Advantages of smart wristbands

Smart wristbands cannot compete with smartwatches regarding features, But they come with unique characteristics.

Compact structure

Many people prefer to avoid the large design of smartwatches. The intelligent wristband is slimmer and has a smaller screen size. This makes smart wristbands more compact and lighter, and as a result, you will feel more comfortable on your hand.

Impressive battery life

Most smart wristbands are known for their excellent battery life on a single charge. Many of them can easily last a whole week. This issue has two main reasons: 1. smaller screen size; 2. Lower resolution. Since they don’t offer nearly as many features as smartphones, they also use a lighter operating system.


Even more premium smartwatches cost less than a smartwatch. Plus, you have more affordable options if you compare them to affordable smartwatches. An intelligent wearable wristband is perfect for people who want to track their fitness and health.

Water resistance

Although the smartwatch and intelligent wristband are primarily resistant to water penetration due to IP64 or IP68 certification, the leather bands with smartwatches may lose their texture if overexposed to water and moisture. Wristbands have silicone bands or bands made of similar materials that can withstand water splashes without problems.

Which one is right for you?

Smart wristbands and intelligent watches serve different purposes. It depends on how you use the two. If you are into health and fitness and price is essential, a smart wristband will satisfy you.

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