The manufacturer of this gun, Biofire Technologies, has claimed that the presence of a fingerprint sensor prevents it from being misused.

A Broomfield, Colorado-based company called Biofire Technologies has launched the world’s first biometric handgun, The Biofire Smart Gun. This gun can unlock through fingerprint and facial recognition, which protects it from misuse.

It is explained on the website of this company:

“The Biofire 9mm Smart Gun locks when it’s out of your hand and can no longer be fired; Unless the virtual user picks it up again. Your smart gun will only fire at people you choose, So it can never have tragic consequences in the hands of a child, a criminal, or anyone else.”

The company explains that it has engineered the Bonfire Smart Rifle so users never have to choose between safe storage and instant access modes. It is also possible to register multiple users and customize gun settings.

About the sensors of this gun, it is also said that The Biofire Smart Gun has an “advanced and integrated capacitive fingerprint sensor with a 3D facial recognition system” and “LED indicators” that will inform users of the identification time.

The price of the world’s first smart gun
The gun uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has encryption technology to ensure it cannot be converted into a regular handgun. Its price will be 1499 dollars.

The company that makes this new firearm comprises different members, so they claim that their products are very diverse. Biofire Technologies explains about their team: “We are a team of gun owners, engineers, and parents who develop new innovative solutions to keep our loved ones safe. “Before Bonfire, we were building satellites, medical devices, automatic weapons, supersonic jets, and firearms.”

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