WhatsApp released a new Android version, providing users with new capabilities and features.

  In the new version of WhatsApp for Android, users will use the unique features of this platform on a trial basis. Of course, soon, these features will be available to the public. The latest WhatsApp update for Android includes features such as sending images and documents with captions. You can also write more descriptions for the groups. While before, it was only possible to send 30 photos simultaneously, in the new update, 100 pictures and videos will be sent simultaneously.

Meta avatars have also been added in this version. In this way, users will now have the possibility to personalize avatars. These avatars are used for stickers and profile pictures. This feature is available in the settings section and the avatar section.

Also, WhatsApp’s full version of the new update has fixed the previous bugs and problems. Of course, this update is for Android users, and iOS users will probably have access to these features soon. In the case of WhatsApp, a report has been published that shows that Meta plans to provide the ability to send documents with a size of up to 2 GB in the future.

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