Apple is looking to hire 176 experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Is the iPhone maker planning to develop a ChatGPT competitor?
In today’s unfavorable economic situation and at the same time as the massive adjustment of forces in the technology industry, the demand for artificial intelligence specialists has an upward trend. Artificial intelligence is considered the most critical technology trend in 2023, and many companies are increasing their investment in this area.

While several tech giants like Microsoft and Google are working on artificial intelligence projects with much media fanfare, Apple has preferred to advance its programs in silence. Apple has registered a call for hiring 176 machine learning and artificial intelligence specialists.

Sixty-eight of Apple’s new positions are related to the Siri business unit, 52 work in the iOS unit, and 46 join the macOS team. Other employees who are hired will work on more than one product.

Apple said in its latest financial conference that it is bringing artificial intelligence technology to its products thoughtfully. New rumors say that Apple has banned using artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT for its employees.

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