The strangest technologies in the world

The advancement of technology and the invention of new and modern gadgets have affected our lives so much that it is challenging to spend even a day away from them; A clear example is the addiction that most of us probably have to our mobile phones. However, some new technology tools are extraordinary and sometimes even funny. Think of a small robot that can bring you toilet paper in an emergency! Some of these inventions are designed to attract attention. However, we must admit that some of the world’s strangest technologies have found their place in the market. If you also want to be surprised in the wild world of the strangest technologies for a few minutes, we suggest you continue with us.

Girth belt

Maybe you are one of those people who feel tight after eating. Especially if you are looking to lose weight and lose fat around your stomach and waist, this is not a great feeling. This is where one of the strange technologies of recent years called the Belty leather belt comes to your aid.

The belt automatically becomes wider or narrower according to the changes in the user’s waist. Also, this bright belt can be your assistant in losing weight. The belt measures your waistline and shows how successful your weight loss efforts have been. This belt can even calculate your daily activity and warn you to get up and stretch if you’ve been sitting for a long time.

It is not harmful to say that this belt has a power bank option to charge devices such as mobile phones. Despite all the advantages of this intelligent clothing, some people prefer not to wear a device with sensors and electronic waves constantly around their waist and near their hips.

Slow eating fork

Now that the discussion of losing weight is over, it is better to introduce another gadget that may help you in another way. As you know, if you eat your food more slowly, it will be digested better, and as a result, you will lose weight more quickly. Also, you don’t need to lose weight and want to enjoy food for longer by eating more slowly. In both cases, you can use another strange technology called HapiFork’s innovative fork.

The sensors of this innovative fork measure the speed of your eating, and if you chew the food too fast, they will notify you with vibration. This intelligent fork connects to your mobile phone and can show you how long you have been eating and how many times you have used the knife. Happyfork usually requires you to spend more than 20 minutes on your meal. This prevents overeating and being overweight. Of course, if you’re so busy that you don’t have enough time to eat, you might prefer not to use your innovative fork rather than endure its constant vibrations!

Smart frying pan

Another of the strangest technologies in the world makes you aware of the fat and calories of the food you cook. SmartyPans is the name of an intelligent pan that can measure food weight, pan temperature, and cooking time. These data are recorded through pan sensors and then sent to a particular application on the user’s mobile phone, along with tips and suggestions for better and healthier cooking. For example, you will receive an alert if the frying pan’s temperature is too high.

Smartypen can also provide detailed nutritional information on the foods you prepare. For example, with this intelligent kitchen tool, you can measure the number of calories, fat, and protein in your food. You can also adjust the cooking time and temperature of the pan by using the cooking recipe section and the cooking mode of the application so that the food is prepared with the best quality.

If you use a Smartipan, you probably have to say goodbye to the joy of creative cooking according to the preset recipes. Also, with the strictness and accuracy of this innovative pan, you can no longer be naughty and add a little oil to make your food fatter and tastier!

Toilet paper robot

The following gadget is one of the most robust technologies in the world, and we don’t know what its creator was thinking about while designing it! Charmin Rollbot is a robot that can help you in the bathroom!

If you run out of toilet paper, show your location to this little robot using your smartphone to get a new roll. With its many sensors, this robot passes through various obstacles in your home or workplace, so you need toilet paper!

This strange robot is not currently available in the market and has only been shown in a few exhibitions to show how technology can solve our ordinary and everyday problems. Of course, it is up to you to judge how much the toilet paper delivery robot can improve your life!

Air purification headphones

Dyson Zone, Air Purifying Headphone, is one of the most robust technologies in the world. This headphone plays music for you, ventilating and purifying the air around you. Dyson claims that pollution, bacteria, and allergenic dust do not pass through the ventilation filter of these headphones.

This gadget can be very efficient despite viral diseases like Covid-19. However, some critics of this strange product from Dyson have a different opinion. They say that the way the air conditioning system of this headphone works can spread the pollutants from the user’s lungs around. Therefore, if a person is a carrier of lung disease and uses these air-purifying headphones, it is possible to infect those around him quickly.

With its unusual appearance, this headphone costs about one thousand dollars.

Voice change mask

Among the strange technologies, the things you must strap on your face are the most unusual gadgets. One of these is the Hushme mask, which can change your voice during a phone conversation. This device connects to your mobile phone, and you can change the volume change settings to your liking. Also, when you talk to Hushme, the people around you won’t hear your voice either. So private and secret conversation with Hushme is possible.

Many Hushme fans consider it a suitable tool for phone conversations in busy offices. However, the Hashmi is more like a gag; you must put up with its strange shape and closure around your neck and jaw. The idea of long-term use of this device may take time and effort. In addition, the muffled feature of this strange gadget may not be pleasant to your friends and family, and it may seem like you are hiding something from them.

Smart toothbrush

Gadgets related to hygiene may be more useful in everyday life. One of these gadgets is the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush, which helps you get used to brushing properly and regularly. Colibri toothbrush connects to your mobile phone through a particular application and tracks your brushing frequency. Also, if you brush your teeth incorrectly, this intelligent toothbrush will show you more correct ways to clean your teeth.

In addition, this gadget also records the duration of brushing and the level of accuracy in covering all your teeth to introduce you to personalized and efficient techniques to improve the brushing method. It is not harmful to mention that to make sure that brushing your teeth takes 2 minutes; this tool has also designed a game for you that you can only get points after this time.

Suppose you are one of those people who think about their daily issues while brushing your teeth. In that case, you may miss this opportunity to stare in the mirror and review your day with Colibri. You must constantly participate in the game and endless competition to collect more points.

Dentist’s toothbrush

Toothbrushes have a special place among the strangest technologies in the world! The next odd gadget is an intelligent toothbrush called Onvi Prophix that takes pictures of your mouth with an internal 10-megapixel camera. This toothbrush is designed to improve brushing technique, reduce plaque accumulation and prevent decay and gum disease, and allows you to monitor your oral health.

The EnvyProfix toothbrush camera sends photos of your teeth and gums to a particular app on your mobile phone that you can save and share with your dentist. This toothbrush also records the amount of pressure, time, and number of times you brush your teeth. In this way, you can learn the optimal brushing methods from the instructions of Envi Profix and know the areas of your teeth that need more attention.

Sweeping shoes

With Denso Vacuum Shoes, you can walk on your carpet and clean it! Several cleaning and suction devices under these shoes clean the surfaces and floors of the rooms. This shoe is handy in public places such as hospitals and schools. It is interesting to know that this sweeping shoe is not the result of trial and error of a shoe and clothing manufacturing company but an intellectual product of a Japanese car parts manufacturing company called Denso.

These shoes reduce the possibility of slipping on wet surfaces and falling. You may be interested in the benefits of this shoe, which is included in the list of the strangest technologies in the world, but who wants to imagine what kind of pollution and waste he has dumped on the soles of his shoes?

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