The second set of Trump NFT cards will include 47,000 NFTs, selling for $99 each.

Former US President Donald Trump, who unveiled his NFT card collection last year, has revealed his second set of NFT cards. Trump also used Instagram to introduce his cards in the previous two years.

The second series of digital Trump cards will contain 47,000 NFTs (2,000 more than the first series), which will sell for $99 each. The first collection was introduced at the same price. In the new cards, we see Trump in different characters and roles.

While introducing the new collection to his followers on his Truth Social network, Trump said that after the “huge success” of the first collection, he plans to make new items available to collectors. Last year, the NFT cards Trump introduced sold $4.5 million in less than a day. It remains to be seen how the sale of the second collection will proceed.

Trump’s Return to Instagram
Another noteworthy point is that NFTs caused Trump to appear on Instagram again and publish a new post for the first time since January 5, 2021. The former US president has published four recent posts, all related to the new NFT collection.

Meta activated Donald Trump’s Instagram and Facebook accounts in February last year. Like Twitter and other services, the company suspended Trump’s statement on its platforms in January 2021 after he praised participants in the congressional riots. So two months after reactivating his Instagram account, Trump has used it to promote his NFTs.

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