Microsoft said in a statement that as of April 25, Twitter would no longer have a place in the company’s advertising service.
Twitter has had a tense relationship with advertising platforms since its takeover by Elon Musk. As Mashable writes, another of the world’s largest B2B platforms has decided to ditch Twitter. In a press release, Microsoft said that Twitter would no longer be part of the Microsoft Advertising service from next week.

As of April 25, Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center will end support for Twitter. In this way, users of the service in question will not be able to access their Twitter account from the mentioned date. In addition to disabling the ability to schedule, create, or manage tweets, users will no longer be able to draft tweets or view past tweet statistics through the Digital Marketing Center.

Microsoft’s statement was published while Elon Musk appeared at a big conference focused on marketing and advertising a few days ago. At that event, Musk tried to encourage brands to once again broadcast on Twitter. According to unofficial reports, Twitter has lost half of its biggest advertising partners.

Microsoft Advertising service allows users to manage their social networks on different platforms. Users could previously reply to tweets and private messages and access similar features on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Companies using Microsoft Advertising can still use this service to create content on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Last year, Microsoft generated over $12 billion in revenue from online ads created and served by the Microsoft Advertising service.

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