We are identifying a Samsung phone made in Vietnam or India; which is better?

Suppose you intend to buy a Samsung Galaxy phone. In that case, you may come across two versions of the Samsung phone made in Vietnam and the Samsung phone made in Malaysia or India, which not only have different prices but may also sell some models with face a problem But what is the difference between India and Vietnam packs and why do some users stay away from Samsung phones made in India or Malaysia?

Currently, many Samsung Galaxy phones are available in two different versions, i.e., Samsung phones made in Vietnam (Vietnam) and Samsung phones made in India (India), which has confused buyers.

But what is the difference between Samsung Vietnam phones and India, and why is there a prevailing impression that Samsung phones made in Vietnam are of higher quality and Galaxy phones made in India are of lower quality, while the technical specifications of both products are the same?

Many sellers also sell the Samsung phone made in Vietnam with a significant price difference compared to the Indian version of the same product and claim that the Vietnamese version of this Phone is of higher quality and the Samsung phone made in Malaysia or India is of lower quality. But is there a difference between Indian and Vietnamese phones?

According to them, if you compare Samsung phones in Vietnam and India, you will notice the difference in quality, which is why the price of Samsung phones in Vietnam is higher than the versions made in other countries. Remember that there is no difference between India and Vietnam packs; this issue is only a subjective suggestion.

Buyers of second-hand phones also take advantage of this issue and buy Samsung phones made in India at a lower price. Sometimes, the buyers are looking for the Vietnamese version to such an extent that the Indian version remains in the hands of the unlucky buyer and is forced to sell it at an unfair price.

In which country is the Samsung phone produced?

Before discussing the difference between Indian and Vietnam phones, it should be said that Samsung is a Korean brand, and many expect Galaxy phones to be made in South Korea. However, Samsung phones are produced in countries such as India, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, and in rare cases in South Korea.

Like any other company, Samsung wants to reduce the production cost of its products and has to use the capacity of phone production lines in different countries to supply millions of mobile phones every year.

Therefore, for the same reason American Apple phones are made in China, Samsung Galaxy phones cannot be made in South Korea. Some Samsung phones, such as the M series, may only be produced in one country, such as India, and may have yet to have a version made in Vietnam.

Are you buying a Samsung phone made in Vietnam or made in other countries?

Brands like Samsung have the same manufacturing and quality control standards in all their production lines, so a Galaxy A51 phone made in India should be the same as the version made in Vietnam regarding quality, battery life, durability, or any other feature.

It should be fine in which country Samsung phones are produced, the parts used are all procured from standard suppliers, and basically, only assembly work is done there.

Samsung phone made in which countries is better?

The quality of Samsung phones in India and Vietnam is the same. Suppose you are looking for the difference between Indian and Vietnam Samsung Phones. In that case, you should know that only in some minimal models, the source of some parts of a device produced in two countries may be different, but in principle, the difference between India and Vietnam packs cannot be changed by the user. It will not be identified.

Samsung Galaxy phones are original wherever they are made, and Samsung approves the quality of assembly and parts used. Therefore, original Samsung phones can be made in India, Vietnam, or any other country.

In other words, the issue of the difference between Indian and Vietnam phones is fake, and it doesn’t matter which country the Samsung Galaxy phone in your hands is made in because all its hardware and technical specifications are the same. There is no difference between its versions (in the country of manufacture). Does not have.

Fake phones or Samsung designs are separate and not made by Samsung. For example, you may come across original design phones made in Vietnam in cyberspace.

In this case, although the country of manufacture of the Samsung phone is stated as Vietnam, the product you receive is not a Samsung phone and is made in Vietnam and similar to Samsung phones.

Samsung phone better made in Malaysia or Vietnam?

Because there is no difference between Samsung’s Vietnam-made and India-made phones, you can buy one with peace of mind. In cases where the price difference between the Vietnam version and the Indian version of Samsung phones is significant, buying the Indian version can be more reasonable.

However, unfortunately, when selling your Samsung phone made in India, you may face a lower price.

Samsung ODM phones have a separate account.

So far, we have talked about the difference between India and Vietnam packs, but some cheap and economical Samsung phones are designed and made by third-party manufacturers; both Galaxy A10s and Galaxy A10 are among them and are made by the Chinese company Wingtech.

Samsung’s ODM phones are often manufactured in China, and their release aims to reduce costs to compete better with Chinese brands. These phones are designed and produced by another manufacturer on the order of Samsung, and Samsung only offers them under its brand and with exclusive software.

Although Samsung says the quality of ODM Galaxy phones is certified by them, they often need to measure up to other Samsung phones in terms of screen, camera, and chipset quality.

Almost all of Samsung’s ODM phones are incredibly cheap, which makes their screen, camera, and design quality far inferior to the higher-end Galaxy phones, which is obvious, and Samsung can’t be faulted.

When you buy a Samsung ODM Galaxy phone, you should not expect the same quality and performance as the more expensive Samsung phones, But this does not mean a lower rate, and you have to consider its price. Of course, the problems with these phones are more.

Often the phones of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei with the same price or even lower price; They have better design, features, and hardware than Samsung’s ODM phones, but this should not be mistakenly attributed to Samsung’s lower quality.

For example, Xiaomi’s Redmi phones can be better than Samsung’s ODM phones in every way, but this is due to the production cost and Xiaomi’s business model.

How do we know which country our Phone is made in?

In this article section on the difference between India and Vietnam packs, the first step is determining whether your Galaxy phone is a Samsung phone made in Vietnam or another country; you must first find its IMEI code. In the next step, it will be possible to distinguish the Vietnam package from India by using this 15-digit code and reading its seventh and eighth digits.

The IMEI code is the identifier or code defining phone product specifications. This code is usually engraved on the SIM card installation tray. Of course, there are other ways to find it; for example, you can enter the settings section of your Phone and select About Phone at the bottom of the screen. The IMEI code is usually written in this section.

Another simple way to find the IMEI code and determine whether the Samsung phone is made in Malaysia or another country is to use the command code *#06#.

This feature, one of the few differences between the Phone made in India and Vietnam, quickly identifies the country of its manufacture. Once you find the 15-digit IMEI code, you can determine if your Samsung phone is made in India, Vietnam, or another country. To identify a Samsung phone made in Vietnam or other countries:

  • If the 7th and 8th digits of the IMEI code show the number 00, it means that the Phone is made by the central factory and the country of manufacture of your Samsung phone is probably Korea.
  •  The numbers 20 and 02 mean you have a Samsung phone made in India or the United Arab Emirates.
  •  The numbers 30, 03, 40, and 04 mean your Galaxy phone is made in China. Of course, the numbers 06 and 60 sometimes indicate a phone made in China or Mexico.
  •  Display number 09 means you have bought an Indian Samsung phone.
  •  If the seventh and eighth digits show the code number 71, it means you have a Samsung phone made in Malaysia.

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