With these few money-making skills, you will always be active.

You have probably seen people among friends and acquaintances looking for work for a long time.

Many graduates with university degrees are unemployed. Why do people who have spent much time studying work in jobs unrelated to their field? Why do some people find the right job quickly, but others are looking for a long time?

Can we enter the job market just by going to university?

Like all teenagers and young people, when I was in the last years of high school, I thought a lot about my career and future. For a long time, I have been looking for jobs that I could work in the future. In this field, I consulted many people and read many articles.

Skills that make us find work quickly

Whatever skill you have, you can make money with it. But if you know some skills, you will find a job quickly. How many talents with a good job market will we introduce to you?

1- Programming

Looking at recruitment and employment sites, you will realize how booming the programming job market is. For this reason, programmers usually find work very easily and quickly. Programming is a broad science that has many branches.

One of the features of programming science is that it does not require a specific university degree. It would be best if you were skilled in this field to create many job opportunities. You can even start your own business and earn a good income. Some examples of the most common areas of work for a programmer are:

Making software and applications

Various software and applications developed significantly after the advent of smartphones. Most people in the world use different applications on their mobile phones. For this reason, there are many job opportunities in this field.

Web design

Most employers who advertise on job sites are looking for web developers. Because most traditional businesses are moving to the virtual space, the job market of website design is booming.

2- Content production

Another in-demand job opportunity is content creation. The task of a content production specialist is to create text, image, and video content. This skill, like programming, does not require a university degree. To learn content creation, you must first know how to work with the software needed.

Office and Adobe software such as Photoshop and Premier are the essential software a content production expert should be familiar with. Also, to become a content producer, you must be familiar with the rules of writing.

3- Digital Marketing

Every business that operates online needs at least one digital marketing expert. A digital marketer’s job is to determine a company’s strategy for advancing online. It should also monitor the growth and expansion of business in cyberspace.

This skill cannot be learned in university; you must remember it yourself. To work as a digital marketing expert, you must know how to increase site visits, launch online advertising campaigns and work with site analysis tools.

4- SEO site

SEO means site optimization to improve its ranking in search engines, especially Google. Every website needs an SEO expert to grow and develop. The task of the SEO specialist is to optimize the site to reach the first rank of Google.

5- Graphic design

If you know how to design graphics and work with design software, you will quickly have access to many job opportunities. The task of a graphic designer is to create beautiful images. Various businesses such as printing services, photography, advertising agencies, and most virtual companies need a graphic designer.

Skills in this field can be acquired through university. But learning other ways to become a professional graphic designer is better. The graphic design job market will undoubtedly prosper in the future because visual beauty significantly impacts attracting customers. Most businesses use this method to expand their activities.

6- Accounting and financial affairs

With the growth and increase in the number of businesses, the job market of financial experts has also become hot. Every business needs at least one accountant and financial expert. For this reason, there are many job opportunities in this field. It would help if you had a university education to find a suitable job in this field. It would help if you also learned to work with accounting software.

7- Advocacy

If you have passed a court, you must have seen the crowd always going there. Ordinary people usually use a lawyer because they are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations. Lawyers also do other things besides appearing in court and defending people, such as providing legal advice to individuals and companies.

To work in this field, you must have a university degree in law and then take the bar exam. Lawyers’ fees are usually calculated by the hour or by the case. This field will have a good job market in the future, and many people will need skilled lawyers.

8- Mobile repairs

Mobile repair is a skill that has grown a lot in recent years. The reason is apparent. Because all people from old to young and even children have mobile phones. To work in this field, you have to go to training classes. Of course, education in electronics will help you become a professional in this field sooner.

9- Mechanical

The car has become an inseparable part of our life. Most of us use cars to go to work and shopping every day. The vehicle always needs maintenance and service. For example, you should change the oil and filter every once in a while. You can learn this field at the university. But in the university, more theoretical topics are taught. So it is better to work in a repair shop for a while to become a professional in this field.

10- Foreign languages

You can get a job quickly if you are familiar with foreign languages. The working areas of this skill include translating unfamiliar people, translating books and articles, and teaching others. You can learn this skill both through academic studies and training classes. Regarding the future of this profession, the job market in this field is always in high demand, and you can count on employment in it.

What skills should we learn to find work in the future easily?

In the previous section, according to the current employment requests, we introduced some skills and fields with a booming job market. But most teenagers have this question: What skills should I learn to find a job easily in the future? No one knows the lot, but we can introduce some money-making skills according to the trend and speed of technological progress.

1- Artificial intelligence and machine learning

What is your idea of the future? Is a world full of robots where everything is done automatically? You have seen many of these things in Hollywood movies. The fact is that the world is moving towards making everything more accessible and faster. But progress in artificial intelligence is necessary for this to happen. For this reason, much attention has been paid to this field, especially in recent years.

According to the research conducted by top research centers, artificial intelligence will have the best job market in the coming years. Published statistics show that the demand for hiring artificial intelligence specialists has increased by more than 344% from 2015 to 2018. As one of the sub-branches of artificial intelligence, the science of machine learning is one of the fields that will be in high demand in the future.

By learning artificial intelligence, you can become a machine learning expert, business intelligence analyst, and user interface designer. So, if you want to avoid hiring and finding a job in the next few years, get skills in artificial intelligence.

2- Data science

Data science and artificial intelligence are closely related and complement each other. For this reason, the job market in this field will be perfect in the future. Many prominent business managers believe that the science of data analysis will be an essential part of every business in the future. By acquiring skills in this field, you can become a business analyst, data specialist, or marketer.

3- Blockchain

According to the statistics published by LinkedIn, blockchain is the most in-demand skill for employment in 2020. You probably think of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies when you think of blockchain. But you should know that this technology has extensive applications.

The most important application of blockchain is in transactions. The world’s financial institutions estimate that by 2027, more than 10% of the world’s gross production will be traded through blockchain. You can work as a blockchain engineer or user experience designer by learning and gaining blockchain skills.

4- Information security

With the virtualization of businesses and most activities, one of the most important concerns of people is maintaining information security. A minor security issue can destroy a business. For this reason, many companies spend a lot of money annually to secure their systems. You can also enter its booming job market by acquiring skills in this field and working as a security specialist.

How to learn new skills?

So far, we have learned what skills can help us get employed quickly and easily. But the critical question many people ask is where to learn these skills.

Using up-to-date resources is the best way to find expertise and skills in the mentioned fields. All skills can be learned through online videos and courses. There are also many books and articles on the internet that will help you.

Another way is to go to private training classes. You can also learn new skills by participating in training courses.

How much does it cost to acquire new skills?

To learn a new skill, paying money to register for face-to-face classes is optional. We can also specialize in a skill cheaply through virtual training sites and training videos.

Invest in yourself now.

If you are a student, this is the best time to learn new skills. Try retaining at least one new talent to enter the job market quickly. Go by what they teach you in school and college.

According to Warren Buffett, the most profitable thing is to invest in ourselves. Investing in ourselves means increasing our skills and knowledge and learning new things. This type of investment is not only risk-free but is not limited to a specific time and will be with us forever. What other skills will be good in the future job market?

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