Xiaomi Band 8, with a redesigned strap mechanism and a 1.62-inch AMOLED touch screen, was unveiled alongside the Xiaomi 13 Ultra.
If you are a fan of Xiaomi fitness trackers, you will be happy to hear about the announcement of Xiaomi Band 8. Finally, this product has entered the world of technology along with Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

With leaked information and details about the Xiaomi Band 8, it was expected to be a significant upgrade over the previous generation, with a redesigned strap mechanism, AMOLED display, and various health and fitness features.

Now that Xiaomi has unveiled its latest smart wristband, it’s time to introduce it.

Design and display
Xiaomi Band 8 retains the familiar capsule-shaped design of its previous models, but it has some changes. The manufacturing company has changed the strap connection mechanism so that we can see a two-part strap in the new generation. Also, different straps can now be attached to this wristband.

When Xiaomi introduced its new wristband, it displayed a variety of bands designed for different tastes.

One of the striking changes in the design of the Xiaomi Band 8 is that you can use it as a necklace. This feature increases the flexibility of the new Xiaomi product and provides users with more customization options.

Also, Xiaomi Band 8 has a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. These specs make the wristband’s display one of the most extensive and straightforward options among fitness trackers in its class. The Band 8 offers users a clear and colorful collection of notifications. As always, there is no physical button on the body.

One of the improved aspects of the Xiaomi Band 8 is that, for the first time, its brightness exceeds 500 nits, and has more power. In addition, it should be noted that the mentioned product has an always-on function and a redesigned user interface that makes it easy to use. Xiaomi has designed different watch faces for its new wristband that can be played with.

Health and fitness features
Xiaomi’s new fitness tracker maintains continuous heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, stress tracking, sleep, steps, and calories, and it even provides a detailed analysis of professional VO2 workouts.

Xiaomi Band 8 tracks your daily activities and workouts with over 150 sports modes. In addition, the said wristband automatically detects some of the most common exercises, such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming.

Other features
One of the attractive features of the Xiaomi Band 8 is that you can install it on your underwear and start running. Primary data, including stride frequency, length, ground impact force, and landing method, are monitored by placing the wristband body on your shoe and activating Running Bean mode.

Another new feature is “Interactive Boxing Mode.” When doing boxing exercises, the heart rate and other fundamental data, as well as the users’ physical senses or somatic sensory systems, are monitored while moving.

Xiaomi has improved the capabilities of this bracelet in the field of tracking physical activities. Also, parameters such as stride length or impact forces are monitored during matches.

In China, the Mi Band 8 comes with a voice assistant and another version with NFC. However, Xiaomi generally does not add these features to international models.

In normal conditions, the battery of the new Xiaomi smart wristband will last 16 days. This time is reduced to 6 days if you enable always-on display mode. In addition, Xiaomi Band 8 will be water resistant to 5 atmospheres (50 meters).

Finally, the Xiaomi Band 8 has been released in China for 239 yuan (about $34) for the regular version and 279 yuan (about $40) for the NFC version. There still needs to be news about the global release of this product and the Mi Band 8 Pro.

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